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photo cred south ob girl for Pawn Shop sign

After 24 Years Loan Ranger Pawn Shop to Close

The Loan Ranger Pawn Shop, which opened in 1993 at 1909 Cable Street, is closing. Signs up at the storefront indicate that the business is closing and ‘everything must go’. The space is also up for lease. Owned by Robert Johnston, the store was estimated to generate $130K in annual revenues and employed 3 people.

OB Man Convicted of Manslaughter

A pharmacist who fatally shot his female roommate’s boyfriend at the door of the defendant’s Ocean Beach condominium was convicted Thursday, April 13, of voluntary manslaughter. Thomas Francis Burke, 33, faces between six and 21 years in prison when he is sentenced May 11. Burke testified that he shot 35-year-old Jess Robles in self-defense when the victim started to come into his home the night of June 22, 2016. Jurors acquitted Burke of murder. Fox5

Lifeguard Disses Ocean Beach at La Jolla Shores Meeting

OB was disrespected by a city lifeguard at a March meeting of the La Jolla Shores Association. During their board’s discussion of pocket parks along their beaches and cliffs, the La Jolla Light reported:

San Diego Lifeguard Sgt. Travis Gleason said more research was needed on the topic, and added that he generally approves of increasing public access to the beach. “I’m in favor of opening up as much of our coastline as possible, so people can go down and recreate, and have a good time on our coastline,” he explained.

However, Gleason also warned board members that in other areas of San Diego, isolated pocket beaches promote illegal behaviors.

“You just have to go down to Ocean Beach and get an example of what that looks like (at Sunset Cliffs). Typically, we have a pocket beach that’s easily accessible, yet isolated, where you’re going to see an increase in drinking, using drugs,” he reported.

PETA Claims Heartbreak Killed SeaWorld Polar Bear

An animal advocacy group’s allegation that a polar bear at SeaWorld San Diego died of a broken heart elicited a strong response Wednesday from the theme park. SeaWorld reported Tuesday that the bear, Szenja, died at the age of 21. The cause of death was pending an examination. In a statement, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals contended the death was the result of SeaWorld sending her longtime companion, Snowflake, to the Pittsburgh Zoo to breed more “miserable” polar bears. San Diego Patch

Local Rooftop Bar Gets a Shout-Out

The OB Brewery’s rooftop bar got a shout-out recently by San Diego Entertainer Magazine. The Mag:

If you want to have a good time without having to dress up or pay a cover charge, look no further than Ocean Beach Brewery. Located half a block from the OB pier, the rooftop deck at Ocean Beach Brewery is a great spot to take in views of the colorful sunsets and the taste of local craft beer that San Diego is known for.

Eric DuVall, Pat James Terry Beddoes, Kathy Blavatt , Ray Blavatt, Jane Gawronski, Tom Gawronski, Debbie Green, Stephanie Greenwald, Susan James, Kitty McDaniel, Dedi Ridenouer, Steve Rowell and Jonnie Wilson. OBHS

OB Historical Society Selects Officers

New officers of the OB Historical Society were recently selected. Eric DuVall was chosen as President, and Pat James as Vice President, plus Kathy Blavatt as Creative Director, Ray Blavatt for IT,  and Jane Gawronski as Corresponding Secretary.

Breakfast Republic Opens in OB

Breakfast Republic is ready to serve restorative daytime eats to the Ocean Beach neighborhood starting April 20 today with the opening of its fifth location. Operating daily from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., the restaurant has been given the Breakfast Republic makeover, with its signature design brought into the 125-seat space and some tweaks made to the bar and dining room layout. There are 25 craft beers and cold brew on tap, plus ten varieties of kombucha. The comfort food-focused menu from corporate executive chef Cesar Garcia has transplanted over, but there’s a new vegan dish from research and development chef Claudette Zepeda Wilkins. Eater San Diego

OB Bicycle Theft Gets 5

A man who tried to steal a bicycle in Ocean Beach and was caught by a federal agent was sentenced Tuesday to five years in state prison. Prosecutors say 23-year-old Adan Bustos tried to steal the bike from a backyard and as he put it in the back of a pickup truck, a Border Patrol agent spotted him from his window. Fox5

OB’s Vinyl Store Gets In on the Action for 2017 Record Store Day

The day of reckoning for record collectors is upon us once again: The 10th anniversary of Record Store Day (RSD) touches down at independent music shops all across the globe on Saturday, April 22. … OB’s Cow Records gets its store clerk Alfred Howard in on the action with his bands Birdy Bardot, and the Midnight Pine. Cow Records: In-store performances by Birdy Bardot and the Midnight Pine. Hours: 10 a.m.-10 p.m. 5040 Newport Ave., Ocean Beach. NBCSanDiego

Local Democrats Host Fletcher

Former-Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher is the featured speaker at the Point Loma – OB Democratic Club, Sunday, April 23rd.. Plus Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher will speak on her recently introduced legislation. UC San Diego political science professor (and former Assemblyman) Nathan Fletcher teaches a class on the Voting Rights Act of 1965.; 4:00PM – 5:30PM, Point Loma Assembly, 3035 Talbot St, San Diego, CA 92106; For additional info call (619) 800-5098.

SurfRider Art Sale Fund Raiser – May 12th – Mission Bay

Surfrider San Diego will host their signature fundraiser, the Art Gala & Auction, on May 12 at Paradise Point Resort & Spa. The online auction runs from May 2 to May 12. 100% of the proceeds raised will support San Diego programs, including: Beach Clean-ups; Ocean Friendly Restaurants; Ocean Friendly Gardens; Rise Above Plastics; Hold On To Your Butts; No Border Sewage; STOP Coastal Climate Change; and our latest addition, SmartFin.

OB EXPOSED! Photo Impressions of OB & PL – Friday May 19th

Come be a part of the Annual OB EXPOSED! the annual Photographic Impressions of Ocean Beach & Point Loma sponsored by the OB Historical Society. Friday, May 19, 6 PM- 8:30 PM, 1711 Sunset Cliffs Blvd., O.B.
Enter photos taken in OB or PL… old photos, new photos, color or black & white. Prizes and Winning Categories are: $100 Prize+T-Shirt Special Subject – “25 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF THE OB FARMERS MARKET ”; People’s Choice (Voted by show attendees); $25 Prize Best Color, Best Black & White, Best Vintage (Historic), Best Special Effects, Best Child’s Under age 16 and Best in Show; PROFESSIONAL CATEGORY: For Exhibit Only… Not Judged. Please SUBMIT BY MAY 17TH to OB Business Center, 4876 Santa Monica Ave., OB (9 am-5 pm, Mon.- Fri.) Limit 5 photos total, other than Vintage (Historic).
Entry Form – Attach to the back of photo. Include a $3 entry fee (per photo).

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Jon Carr April 21, 2017 at 2:06 pm

I’d hardly call the lifeguard’s statement a diss. More of a matter of fact. Going to a pocket beach to drink a beer or whatever is seemingly no biggie, and used to be a lot of fun! But the past 8 years or so have been a giant headache particularly for those living near Santa Cruz beach. The non-local thug-life crowd and aggressive travelers have sapped whatever enjoyment locals used to have going down there for an afternoon (or a late-night skinny dip and safety meeting). Fortunately, the lifeguards will be setting up an impromptu station there again through the summer months which may help with some of the daytime nonsense at least. I’m glad they are least talking about the issues along these areas.


Frank Gormlie April 22, 2017 at 9:04 am

I thought you were the guy who denied OB had pocket parks along Sunset Cliffs. LOL


Jon Carr April 22, 2017 at 1:03 pm

Ha! Good one Frank. The issues at Santa Cruz are the reason I continue to to everyone there are no pocket parks. Ssshhhhh….


South OB Girl April 22, 2017 at 12:51 pm

photo cred south ob girl for Pawn Shop sign… R.I.P. Lola Luna, Antique Center, and Pawn Shop. End of an era. Will there be more tasting rooms??


Marc Snelling April 24, 2017 at 11:52 am

According to the SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment Corporation, PETA is “creating false narratives not grounded in any scientific fact”. PETA may engage in hyperbole but SeaWorld’s argument suggests animals do not have feelings. There is plenty of science saying otherwise. Not that any dog owner needs science to know that…

There is no doubt about the feelings many humans have seeing a polar bear in captivity – they belong in the wild.


Marc Snelling April 24, 2017 at 12:15 pm

“SeaWorld is trying to sweep its true motive (having a baby at the park to attract visitors) under the rug while pretending to advocate conservation,” PETA says

Spokesman David Koontz told the San Diego Union Tribune the “polar bear breeding effort keeps SeaWorld and the Pittsburgh Zoo at the forefront of wildlife conservation and education, and further demonstrates our commitment to conserve species in peril.”

The only two polar bears in the park living together for 20 years. One is FedExed to Pittsburgh- leaving the other alone, that then dies two months later- not hard to see where that “false narrative” came from. They shipped the bears out before to try and make some more polar bear babies for captivity, and failed. Even with artificial insemination the mortality rate for polar bears in captivity is very high. Maybe mother nature is trying to tell them something?

Thankfully we have ‘SeaWorld Conservation & Education’ focused on this… oh no wait it’s the ‘SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment’ corporation… my bad.


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