March for Safe Living Spaces Mar. 18, Attend San Diego City Council Hearing on Homelessness Mar. 20

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March (and sing!) for homeless San Diegans on March 18, be an advocate for compassion and solutions on March 20

By Women Occupy San Diego

On Saturday, March 18, join the “March of Voices” for a Safe Living Space for Every San Diegan. People will begin gathering at 10 a.m. at the San Diego Civic Concourse/City Hall (3rd Avenue & B Street).

The march begins at 10:30 a.m., and will be led by the San Diego Women’s Drum Circle.

We encourage you to use the trolley to the Civic Center stop. If you can’t walk a long distance, please meet us at the next march destination: Fault Line Park at J Street & 14th Avenue. If you can walk four blocks each way, take the trolley to the Park & Market stop.

At 11:15 am begins the largest singalong in San Diego history, led by the Voices of Our City Choir. We are calling on all choirs, singers, activists and supporters to join our singing at Fault Line Park, located at J Street & 14th Avenue in East Village. If you can’t stand for 30 minutes, please bring a camp chair or stool. A limited number of chairs will be available.

11:45 a.m. we will march back to City Hall, led by the Euphoria Brass Band. If you can’t walk a long distance, meet us at Civic Concourse/City Hall via you car or trolley from the Park Avenue & Market Street to Civic Center stop.

At 12:30 p.m., our peaceful demonstration will conclude with a press conference laying out our Coalition’s proposed solutions to address our city’s Housing Disaster.

Wear comfortable shoes, and weather-appropriate clothes and hat, plus sunscreen. Carry a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated, and snacks for the three hours over lunchtime.

We envision a marching band led by the Euphoria Brass Band and the San Diego Women’s Drum Circle and community singalong as testament to the healing power of music — a gathering for the voices of our homeless San Diegans to be heard, amplified by the voices of housed San Diegans who believe every San Diegan deserves a safe place to live.

Special Meeting of the San Diego City Council- Monday, March 20

This March of Voices will occur two days before a special meeting of the San Diego City Council to hear solutions to homelessness on Monday, March 20, at 1pm. at Golden Hall on the Civic Concourse, located adjacent to City Hall. We will have an organized presentation on a variety of solutions to provide a safe haven for our homeless sisters, brothers and families while working to end homelessness.

We know many San Diegans are unable to get to downtown San Diego during normal business hours on a weekday, hence this March of Voices on the Saturday before to give everyone the opportunity to show their support for providing a safe place for every San Diegan to live.

Please join us at both events if you are able. Your presence at either is greatly appreciated. And we especially appreciate your voice for our chorus either way.

Voices of Our City Choir was created by Steph Johnson and Nina Leilani Deering for people experiencing homelessness. The choir has grown, week after week. We have seen huge transformations occurring and positive shifts happen for our choir members. This movement has changed all of us! Here is more about our mission:

To provide a welcoming, loving and inclusive community while transforming the lives of those facing Homelessness.

Our Choir is a testament to the healing power of music. It is a meeting place where the Voices of the Voiceless are heard, instilling hope in those sleeping outside on the streets.

As a humanitarian organization, we strive to provide a safe-haven for our homeless brothers and sisters and all who desire to be of service.

We are united in an understanding of the disruption, frustration and despair of Homelessness.

We are committed to effect political and social change, and to empower every person to realize their true value in society.

Editor’s Note: Some of the best writing about the challenges faced by unsheltered San Diegans and solutions to homelessness in our communities has been provided by San Diego Free Press contributors and editors. These are the most recent articles on those topics.

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