Organizers of Spelling Out “Impeach” on Sands of Ocean Beach Issue Mission Statement

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The good folks who are organizing the “OB March 4 Impeachment” have issued a Mission Statement (the OB Rag is co-sponsoring the event) on the facebook page    – and as of this posting, nearly 400 people pledged their participation, with another near 2,000 interested.

Here is the statement:

Mission Statement:

Welcome to the resistance!

The March 4 Impeachment is just one of thousands of events to promote the efforts to resist the Trump agenda. We resist his misogynistic, xenophobic, and climate denial policies to name a few.

Why Impeach?

Being an uncontrollable narcissists is not an impeachable offense, but his actions as a narcissist, who believes he can do no wrong, are impeachable.

We must pressure Congress to investigate possible impeachable acts by Trump.

1. The Emoluments Clause of the Constitution prohibits federal officials — including the president — from accepting payments from foreign governments. Recently Trump was granted a long sought after trademark by China just days after he reaffirmed the U.S. policy of ‘One China’.

2. Trump’s refusal to fully divest from his holdings which may benefit from his position as President. These include hotel, golf and real estate development projects across the United States, as well as resort and hotel properties around the world.

3. Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. located in Old Post Office is in violation of its government lease which bars elected federal officials from benefiting from the lease.

4. Too many Russian connections between Trump’s advisors and staff. Congress need to investigates Trump’s role. Was there collusion with a foreign government in the Presidential election? Were promises made to aid and comfort a foreign enemy?

While many Republicans are looking to divert attention away from possible impeachable acts, we insist that Congress investigates.

That is our Mission Statement.

The statement on the facebook page also posted background on the key organizers, Mike James and Deanna Polk, which is as follows:

The Organizers:

Mike James has proudly been a community activist for close to 40 years.

As a business owner he was one the founders of what is today the Ocean Beach Mainstreet Association. In 1980 as president of the O.B.M.A. he proposed bringing back the Fourth of July fireworks off the pier after a 5 year hiatus. With this effort the Ocean Beach Street Fair and Fireworks was established.

That same year he and his brothers also began the popular O.B. Xmas Tree and Parade, an event in which he has had a continuous active role as a parade announcer and fundraising auctioneer.

In 1980 he had played an active local role in the Presidential campaign of populist candidate John Anderson.

In his second term as president Mike was instrumental in the grassroots effort in stopping a last minute change to zoning regulations by then City Councilman Cleator and local developers that could have potentially doubled the population density of O.B.

Over the years he worked on local political campaigns of candidates both Democratic and Republican who would support policies for the betterment of Ocean Beach.

In 1988, as president of the Ocean Beach Town Council he organized town hall meetings to bring together residents and local political representatives.

Mike was also a member of the Ocean Beach Geriatric Surf Club Precision Marching Team and Gidget Patrol for over 20 years.

Recently he played a leadership role in the beginning stages of the Coffee Party where he met with each of the San Diego Congressional representative to encourage civil discourse. He also organized a successful town hall meeting, bringing together many local progressives.

Mike was one of the organizers of Ocean Beach’s effort in the world wide Hands Across the Water in resistance to off-shore drilling.

He has marched in anti-Iraq war, Occupy, anti-GMO and most recently and joyfully the Women’s March.

As a Unitarian Universalist he believes: Embracing peace, love, and understanding that goes beyond individual belief systems, we are creators of positive change in people and in the world.

It is in this belief he organizes the March 4 Impeachment.


Deanna Polk is a Registered Nurse with a Master’s of Science in Homeland Security, with a focus on Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response and a long term resident of Ocean Beach.

Her activism began fifty years ago when she formed a petition so girls could wear pants to school instead of dresses, and won.

A quiet activist her whole adult life, she believes in relationship building for community resilience, and that no country can be secure when the population is insecure.

Her most recent involvement includes, serving as an expert consultant for the shutting down of San Onofre Nuclear Power Station, speaking before the City Council for an Independent Police Review Board, and active involvement in the passage of Prop. 64.”

She marched for nearly twenty years with the former Ocean Beach Geriatric Surf Club Precision Marching Surfboard Drill Team and Gidget Patrol, is a blues woman, and plays a little harmonica too.

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fortune faychild March 5, 2017 at 12:01 am

Wow Deena you really rock on concerns dear to my heart, When i started kindergarten, girls had to wear skirts. I usually wore cover overalls , had my own hard hat, like to drink shirely temples in redneck bars with my dad, I said no i would not wear a dress or be a girl i said i’d just be a boy and wear my overalls, girls couldn’t do anything interesting, even when they grew up. They made me wear the dress, but i organixed the first, early 50;s sit down strike demonstration of 1. I was protesting red rover red rover was stupid and i wanted more library books. Asked the principle to call board of ed to file my complaint, got me a desk in principle’s office.
Man oh man i was calling emailing writing getting, keeping that san onofre shut down. i want yo go to that event where they’ll have a witch dance, drumming i hope? i used to do an entranced grandmother star spider cleans the cosmos up at joshua tree music festival with a natural broom. Keep up the good work sister!


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