More Shenanigans at Ebers and Greene Street Project in Ocean Beach

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Property site manager lived in single family residence on site. Photo was taken before the new construction.

There’s been more shenanigans of late, apparently, at the controversial construction project at Ebers and Greene Streets in northeast OB.

ob-torrey-ebers-houseThis time around, the shenanigans include the theft of $1000s worth of property, a change of locks and a threat of eviction against the man who has been living on the property site.


Rally against project, Oct. 2016

Neighbors and community members have been complaining about the unfinished wood-framed 3-story building at that corner for months; OBceans and readers are well aware of the litany of problems and issues with the project (do a word search of “Ebers and Greene” on our homepage); there was a rally against the building back in October; a town hall meeting about it; and it’s been an on-going issue at the OB Planning Board – the list goes on ….

Back to the latest.

An OB guy named Kenny has been living in the unattached-re-attached single story, older building next to the 3-story as a property manager on behalf of the owner-developer Curtis Nelson. In exchange for free rent, Kenny agreed to watch over the site – especially since there was an attempted fire on the 2nd floor and there’s been numerous instances of graffiti around the project. Somebody had spraypainted “Out of OB” on it. So, Kenny has been doing this for months, living there and keeping a close eye on things.


Town Hall meeting on the project.

Honestly, what we’re calling “shenanigans” is not what Kenny would call what has happened next.

Kenny is a construction site manager, by trade, and a surfer and skateboarder. His jobs at times take him off the site, out of the city even.  Recently, he was called to Los Angeles on a project. Upon his return to OB on the weekend, he found the front door locks had been changed and he couldn’t get in.

Once he did manage to climb in from the rear, he discovered a whole lot of his personal property missing: computers, surfboards, skateboard, money – thousands of dollars of his stuff – gone.

Once he got out of being shocked, Kenny figured that Nelson had to have had the locks switched – no one else had keys to the residence. And since the owner had access to the house, he or his crew may have known something about all the missing stuff. So, he contacted Nelson in an effort to retrieve his property – but never got an answer. Meanwhile, Kenny changed the locks back.

Not only that, but, but Kenny was soon confronted outside the house by a tatted up large guy working for Nelson who told him he was evicted. All of the rest of Kenny’s stuff was inside, of course, but the large guy didn’t care.

The plot sickens: Kenny had installed interior surveillance cameras and when he watched the tapes recently he could see the people taking his surfboards and other property walking out the door. And amazingly, or not, – to top it all off – he recognized the guys who took the stuff.

Kenny has reported the theft and his suspicions to the San Diego Police.

So, no, these are not just shenanigans to Kenny.

And we’re sure that there will more to report about the sordid capers that surround the property site at Ebers and Greene. Stay tuned. Watch this space.



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Elliott Blackwood December 7, 2016 at 12:56 pm

Oh my, this story keeps getting crazier. Shenanigans, indeed.


Greene resident December 7, 2016 at 1:53 pm

Been a lot of break-ins on Greene street according to Nextdoor Northeast Ocean Beach.


Dave February 13, 2017 at 9:13 am

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