Ocean Beach and Point Loma Voted Overwhelmingly for Clinton in Presidential Race

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election-2016-pres-ob-pl-votesmapHere is a map of the 2016 Presidential race for Ocean Beach and Point Loma. (Go here for the overall inter-active map that displays the results of individual precincts.)

Usually OB goes a deep blue in elections, but it is unusual for Point Loma voters to vote Democratic – yet that is what happened.

Here are the sample precinct totals –

The large precinct in northwest OB (#235000) voted over 69% for Clinton and 21% for Trump, with 10% other, for a total of 454 votes cast. (This may not be a total-total as votes are still being counted.)

Precinct # 235300 – right smack in the middle of north OB that includes lower Newport Avenue – voted 75% for Hillary and only 17% for Trump and about 8% “other”. 347 voters cast ballots in the precinct.

Even in south OB, voters went for Clinton in wide margins. Take Precinct #23600 which borders Point Loma Avenue – it went 70% vs 22%, and 8% other. It had 555 votes cast.

Moving over to La Playa, part of usually-conservative Point Loma, we find in Precinct #331300, the vote was 52% to 43% for Clinton; 5% went other; 649 votes cast.

What’s that red blotch in the middle of Point Loma? Precinct # 327800 in Loma Portal had a very close vote, with 47.5% for Donald Trump and 45.7% for Hillary Clinton, and 6.8% other. A total of 501 ballots were cast.

Over in Midway Old Town area, in Precinct # 240000, just below the San Diego River, Clinton received 67.2%, Trump 25.2%, Other got 7.5%. 638 votes cast.


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Daniel J. Smiechowski November 16, 2016 at 2:23 pm

We must all work together for the interest of the public good. This is why I choose to run for the D2 seat SD City Council 2018. Do not be dissuaded by big money politicians currying favor with the influential and mighty. We will prevail! Danny D2 2018!


Rufus November 17, 2016 at 5:15 am

Spinning the article the other way, one could say that the peninsula, and the state, are outliers who are out of touch with the rest of the country, save the People’s Republik of New York.


Christo November 17, 2016 at 8:30 am

Or you could say New York and California are ahead in terms of economic and cultural development and the rest of the country has not caught up yet.

The way forward is not straight. Progress is not consistent. And sometimes it doubles back on itself. The Dark Ages is a good example.


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