Mr. Faulconer, Mayor Faulconer After Us, The Flood*

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louis-xiv-of-franceMr. Faulconer, Mayor Faulconer
After Us, The Flood*

By Micaela Porte

I imagine he is managed by many smart women,
Because I never hear him mention any particular opinion,
Except that he’s In Favor and that All is Well,
Then to hand the floor over to
Accompanying Security Personnel.

Mr.Faulconer, Mayor Faulconer,
Pleasant manners and he looks good in pink,
And in a sort of yacht club think,
And sort of like Marie Antoinette once,
His economic strategy is :
Let them eat in restaurants.”

Please imagine in the previous phrase,
Italics, bold, underline and quotes,
Because the minimum salary here is at low,
and counting on tips to survive is a joke.

But, with the good graces and intentions
Of City Counselors along the way,
Everyone in San Diego will soon be the humble, yet gay,
(Think Marriage of Figaro Mozart and Beaumarchais),
Gardeners and valets,
Security, caterers and plumbers,
Of the richer than us, but who don’t live here,
STVR, secondary home and apartment owners,
Figaro, Figaro, Figaro…

But, not such a bad living
if you think about it, so,

In my beach role as water security local
I gave a brief lecture to some pale beach-goers who
To eliminate every sand molecule
Were obsessively washing every piece of their gear
On the beach in PB, in the public shower.

I said, “Hey, would you stop washing over and over your board?
We’re in a drought here in California!”

They responded quick,
Foreign accent sharp and clipped:
“Get over it.”

After us, the flood.

* “après nous, le deluge.” –Louis XIV (Louis the 14th, the “Sun King,”…before the Revolution…)

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Frank Gormlie November 3, 2016 at 10:57 am

This is pretty funny – actually laughed out loud at the end …. thanks Mica.


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