The Amazing Story of the Ocean Beach Library Centennial

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ob-lib-booklet-p3At last Saturday night’s celebration of the OB Library’s centennial, the OB Friends of the Library handed out a little 6-page booklet entitled, “The Amazing Story of the Ocean Beach Library Centennial and How It Soon Will Become a 21st Century Facility”.  We republish the pages below.

But first an update on some of the results of the Centennial – which was part party and good times and part fund-raiser, what with the silent auction et al.

Here’s a report from the Friends committee in charge of the event:

Our goal was to cover the party expenses so that we could throw a birthday bash for the old lady and not feel bad about dipping into our hard-earned book sale funds.

But more than the money involved, our goal was to bring the community together in celebration and hope that the powers that be would announce that we are moving into the Gee Bldg ASAP.

We think the first goal really did happen — we went through 350 nametags, and as you could see, many people didn’t bother with getting them, so close to 400 attended, we estimate.

We had over 40 children who LOVED the helium balloons and all the toys in the kids area, we had a dog, we had homeless people, we had passers-by who saw the party and came into the library for the first time ever. We’ve had so many people calling the library this week and thanking us for the celebration.

The historic tables were constantly busy and the people who manned the tables were really happy with the interest and enthusiasm of the guests. So we are feeling pretty good about the community celebration part.

We also think the party helped the City people realize the powerful support the OB Library has in our community, and as the OBRag has demonstrated over the years, community support is everything when it comes to governmental decisions.

We’re pretty sure we’re covered financially with the party. And I believe we will have some extra money that will go into the library expansion fund.

Here are pages 1 – 6 from the booklet:


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