Results of OB Rag Poll on What to Do If Trump Is Elected

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The OB Rag ran a readers’ poll for one week asking the question: “What would you do if Trump was elected?” and it had 145 respondents.

The answers ranged from nearly a third saying they would be celebrating Trump’s election (31%), contrasted with nearly 10% who said they would be joining the “underground resistance”, and where 23% claimed “nothing will change.”

About 38% of those who answered chose options in the poll that expressed some level of negative impact with Trump’s election. Nearly 8% said they would move out of the country (2% to Mexico and 5.5% to Canada).

Another 14% would be mobilized politically against Trump – with an astounding 9.7% of the overall respondents agreeing to the option, “Joint the underground resistance.”

Almost 5% said they would “take to the streets”, meaning demonstrating and protesting.

Nearly 16% agreed with the choice, “go into a deep debilitating depression.”

Finally, over 8% said they would “stay in denial.”

Well, what does it all mean?

Again, this was a voluntary readers’ poll (most of our readers live within the City and County of San Diego), but looking at the responses one way – bearing in mind the gravity of the electoral and Constitutional situation and the dangers of a Trump presidency – then the results cast a grim pall over how prepared we all are for such a debacle.

If one combines the numbers of those who say they would stay in denial (8+%), with those who say nothing will change (23%), along with those who say they’d become debilitated due to depression (nearly 16%), with those who say they’d move out of the country (another near 8%) we have a whopping 55% – over half – who chose options that do not directly counter Trump. This results in a view that over half of those responding represent positions that have been neutralized politically and admittedly can’t or will not resist Trumpism.  – This is not promising for the future.

Especially where 31% would be celebrating.

The hope then rests with the 14% who said they would counter a Trump presidency by taking to the streets or joining the underground resistance.

Or …? Perhaps this is all speculation and these numbers mean nothing.

Here is the poll:

What would you do if Trump Is Elected?

  • Move to Mexico 2.07% – ( 3 votes )
  • Move to Canada 5.52% – ( 8 votes )
  • Take to the streets. 4.83% – ( 7 votes )
  • Join the underground resistance. 9.66% – ( 14 votes )
  • Go into a deep debilitating depression. 15.86% – ( 23 votes )
  • Nothing – nothing will change. 22.76% – ( 33 votes )
  • Celebrate. 31.03% – ( 45 votes )
  • Stay in denial. 8.28% – ( 12 votes )

Poll total votes: 145

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retired botanist September 23, 2016 at 2:16 pm

If this poll reflected previous elections, I would likely have been in the “take to the streets” category as I have opposed the electoral college system for decades since it basically nullifies the individual citizen’s vote. I’m also opposed to disgraceful political campaign spending (could have probably cured the world by now, and certainly helped the homeless, with all that $). But here we are, 2016, and we still have the electoral college and outrageous, 1st world waste of money. Definitely time to go underground… :-)


Carl Zanolli September 28, 2016 at 5:04 am

People must take responsibility for their voting decisions (or not voting decisions) that result or might result in a Trump presidency and its consequences


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