Questions Raised About Ocean Beach Project at Ebers Street and Greene

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3-story project at Ebers and Greene.

More questions have been raised about the project going up at Ebers Street and Greene Street in Ocean Beach.

Why does the current project not conform to the scope of the construction? Were the plans misrepresented to the City? Why didn’t this project come before the OB Planning Board?

Curtis Nelson of Nelco Properties, LLC is the contractor and Jennifer Quan is the agent/ applicant of this project at 2269 Ebers Street.

So let us get this straight.

The original permit only called for an “addition” to an existing single dwelling unit. The addition included a new attached 3-car garage with “storage” and with two floors above the garage area. The second floor is to include the living area, the third floor would include the master bedroom and bath, with a roof top deck.

OB Ebers 2269 draw newplans

Drawing shows two structures, no hallway – from facebook page of Nelco Properties.

The original scope of the permit called for a “New hallway to attach new garage to existing SDU (single dwelling unit)”. In a scope change, the applicant revised the garage down from a 3-car garage to a two car one.

And because this project was classified as a renovation – or an “addition” to an existing single-family unit, it was called a “Process 1” and as such did not need a Coastal Development Permit – and importantly, did not need to come before the OB Planning Board.

The City’s Development Services Department allowed this project to go forward without any community review or input.  Because it was supposed to be a renovation, a simple addition to an existing residence.

But now serious questions have been raised whether the builder ever intended to actually build on to the existing house.  The two structures were supposed to be connected by that “hallway” – and that would supposedly create one residence – which would have to be sold that way – as one.

Yet, over time, as the wood 3-story structure was constructed from the ground up, no hallway materialized and it appeared to resemble a 2nd unit rather than renovation of the existing unit. Which would mean that there are 2 houses. If the project is actually two different structures – then all kinds of problems arise.

Well, the problems are here. Not only did an Ocean Beach Planning Board member report seeing “2 on 1” sign advertising the property – which has since been since taken down, others in the community have confirmed that.

One local observer of the Point Loma real estate market commented in a post here at the OB Rag on the Eber Street project and stated:

So 2269 Ebers sold for $645,000 cash last August (2015) – at the time it was being advertised, the promotional remarks included the following:

“Rare and excellent opportunity for investors or builders. This property is zoned RM-1-1 and can built up to 2 units. Fix and rent it for now or tear it down and build two units.”

The house was apparently bought by a flipper, because it came back on the market as a “stunning renovation” for $885-950K in January [2016], though it was yanked from the market without selling in April. While marketed both times as a single-family residence, the second listing included plans to build a second three-story residence that was very clearly described as a second unit.

OB Ebers 2269 facebook Aug2015

Facebook of Nelco Properties

That the original intent of the builder was to construct a second unit can be seen on Curtis Nelson’s Nelco Properties  facebook where the Eber Street project is proudly displayed.  In the caption to photos of the project, someone writes:

Project Ocean Beach underway.. Demo completed.. onto the fun stuff!!

The drawing of the completed project definitely shows two separate structures. There’s no hallway.  There’s no connection between them.

OB Ebers Proj gap

Recent work shows something between the two buildings. Is this a hallway? Smoke and mirrors?

Now, on the subject of the hallway, there has been some work just recently – some boards have been installed between the two structures (see photo) – but not much else. Is this a last minute attempt by the builder to make it look as if there is something there? That there is indeed a hallway?

Calls to Nelson and Nelco Properties have not been returned.  The company is based in Vista, on Main Street with (760) 593-4545 as a contact number. They’ve been around for two years now, since June 2014.

Nelson’s Linked-In page states that-

Nelco Properties LLC is here to help homeowners out of any kind of distressed situation. As investors, we are in business to make a modest profit on any deal, however we can help homeowners out of just about any situation, no matter what! There are no fees, up front costs, commissions, or anything else. Just the simple honest truth about your home and how we can help you sell it fast to resolve any situation.

Here are more project details from the City’s Development Services Dept.

The problems apparent with this project – and the subsequent questions that have been raised – deserve resolutions and answers.  There are too many issues for this project to move ahead. It needs to go before the OB Planning Board.  It needs more investigation by the City, the Mayor, the City councilwoman.

Can we get a Stop Work Order here until the issues are resolved? Mayor Faulconer? Councilwoman Zapf?


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Dave July 1, 2016 at 9:45 pm

So is there a point person making complaints to Zapf and Faulconer like with the Pt. Loma project?


Rusty K July 2, 2016 at 8:16 pm

I’m in favor of tearing down this abominable affront to Ocean Beach building codes and, more important, to OB’s sensibilities. This is gross disregard of the people who live here.


Phil. Thee July 8, 2016 at 12:27 am

Wow aren’t there hordes of homeless wandering the streets and of course
The flotilla of land yacht s consuming any open parking spaces, all part of a much larger
Problem right? Or what about the higher gas prices and vehicle registration fees hell the price of fancy dancy beer ! And everyone is up in arms because someone decided to buy a house and improve his property? Oh let’s not talk about the neighbors 3 story building that’s a historical landmark right? Actually historical is the word , seen the ridiculous signage hanging there? That must be a city code violation, an eyesore to say the least.
Where is the peace and love ? Since when was buying property and improving that
Property to increase its value a crime? Time will tell here who prevails but their exists a small unreasonable irrational possibly psychologically challenged group of extortionists
That have the tallest structure currently and thus can’t fathom anyone else enjoying the same ? I say enjoy in spite of the fact they seem to use there building as a billboard encouraging others to harass the builder I presume. I question the sincerity of their protests and hypocrisy is just that, even in the people’s republic of OB. After all, nobody
Act surprised when the neighborhood gestapo comes knocking demanding you cease any AirBnB activities or call the city on your garage renting tenant , oh yes those innocent looking dog walkers are really looking over fences and sifting your trash cans! those living in glass houses should not throw stoners (oops) stones.


Not Phil The October 19, 2016 at 4:52 pm

My guess it Phil. Thee is the developer on this project…


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