OB Town Council Looking to Fill Vacancy on Board of Directors

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OBTC iconThe Ocean Beach Town Council is looking to fill a vacancy on its Board of Directors.The following is from their website about applying:

Are you interested in becoming more involved with your community? If you have a strong desire to promote the general betterment and beautification of Ocean Beach and the welfare of our residents, then please consider applying for the vacant seat on the Ocean Beach Town Council Board of Directors. We provide a great venue for you to engage deeply in our community and make a meaningful and lasting impact.

To become an appointed board member, you first must be a dues-paying member of the OBTC, which requires that you live, work, or own a business within Ocean Beach. If you are not a member, you can apply and pay your dues directly on our website .

Letter of Interest Needs to Be Submitted by August 5

Once a member, please submit a letter of interest for your appointment to a vacant seat.

This letter should include :

  • why you want to be on the board,
  • what your qualifications are – what you think you can do to help, or how you would like to help,
  • what events have you volunteered at, and
  • any other information that you think the board of directors should know about you.

The Board will then consider your appointment at the August meeting – and you will most likely be invited to speak with the board at this meeting.

Please also review OBTC Bylaws, which includes Boardmember responsibilities (i.e. Boardmembers must attend Board meetings on the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm, and public OBTC meetings on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm.

Please also review Boardmember duties listed below.

Consider applying today! Please send your letters of intent no later than Friday, August 5, 2016 to info@obtowncouncil.org.


Along with the duties, responsibilities, and powers enumerated in the Council Bylaws, Board Members have additional expectations of their fellow Board Members.

  • All Board Members shall annually serve as one or more of the following: an officer of the Board, a committee chair, a committee co-chair, and/or a liaison.
  • All Board Members shall assist in the production of the annual Ocean Beach Town Council events, as prescribed by the Executive Committee or the specific event’s committee chair or co-chair.
  • All Board Members shall actively strive to recruit new Ocean Beach Town Council members and event volunteers.
  • In order to facilitate successful transitions, all Board Members who serve as an officer, chair, or co-chair of a committee shall annually update those portions of the Ocean Beach Town Council electronic binder relative to the position held, to be completed at least thirty (30) days prior to the annual Board of Directors election.

To receive further information and get a sense of the time commitment, please contact the current board at info@obtowncouncil.org or 619-515-4400.

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