The Red Crabs Have Arrived in Ocean Beach, Again

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OB Red crabs Bermuda mh 5-30-16

Red crabs at Bermuda beach, 5/29/16. Photos by South OB Girl

The red crabs have arrived in OB – again.

Check out these photos by South OB Girl of the arrival of the red crabs on Bermuda beach on Sunday, May 29th. The pelagic red crabs (Pleuroncodes planipes) – probably washed up with the high tide.

OB red crabs Bermuda mh 5-30-16 2Here is something that it may take a while for the scientists to tell you:

They arrived here last year around the same time. It was June 11, 2015 when they washed up along OB beaches in massive numbers.

But you heard it here first.

Here is what we said then:

They  are usually associated with warmer water temperatures, and perhaps came during the unseasonably warm spring temperatures a few weeks back. They are clearly not happy in the normal temperatures now, almost all the ones we saw yesterday were obviously on the edge of dying, at the surface, swimming very slowly, sitting ducks for predators, as makes sense given that they are now washing up on the beach.

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Frank Gormlie May 31, 2016 at 10:31 am

Once again, South OB Girl beats the mainstream media, or at least some of them.


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