“Friday Is Going to Be One Crazy Anti-Trump Day in San Diego”

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SD Convention Center

Front of San Diego Convention Center

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It’s going to be literally one crazy, anti-Trump day in downtown San Diego on Friday, May 27th. So much is going on that it boggles the mind to try to imagine everything.

First, of course, Donald Trump is arriving at the San Diego Convention Center to speak to his throngs around 2pm. And coming out to see and hear him, of course, will be probably thousands of ticket-holders. There will be long lines of them snaking around the Convention Center – which undoubtedly will be off-limits to protesters. Except those protesters in line with tickets.

Second, there will be thousands of protesters coming out to demonstrate against Trump and all that he stands for.

There’s at least six different networks or groups mobilizing their supporters to show Trump that San Diegans will not stand for him. The groups range from Republicans, Democrats, to anarchists, and social justice veterans, to the Union del Barrio and border activists. These groups will all have their own tactics, displaying a diversity of opposition to Trump. And then there’s the janitors – hundreds of them will be demonstrating and marching through downtown.

Att 11:30 a.m., a rally with speakers is being organized by the San Diego County Democratic Party with people asked to gather at the plaza at the southeast corner of the Convention Center, across from the Bayfront Hilton. Here’s their facebook page, with 85 saying they are attending.

Also, around 11:30,  500 to 700 janitors being organized by SEIU and Justice for Janitors campaign – who are mobilizing against certain buildings and hotels downtown who won’t sign contracts for their janitors – will rally and maybe begin some civil disobedience in some lobbies of some of those buildings. The janitors will move over to One America Plaza, and then will at some point, march through the streets south to the Convention Center.

Yet, another group, Stop Trump – San Diego, is also organizing their base to be at the Convention Center at 11:30 am. Their webpage shows 91 have signed up to go.

At noon, other organized protests will begin in front of the Convention Center by the Love Trumps Hate Solidarity Network, probably in the grassy area across Harbor Drive from the Center. A press conference is planned for 1 pm. This network’s slogan is “Tear down the walls” and is sponsoring a peaceful, non-confrontational protest. It’s facebook page has 60 members.

This group is also having a sign and banner making party, on Thursday, May 26th, from 5 pm on … at the Grassroots Oasis, 1330 Moore Street, near Old Town.

At 1 pm, the Union del Barrio is organizing a rally at Chicano Park in Barrio Logan. Their facebook event page has 77 signed up, but their organizational home page has over 1,500 likes.

Union del Barrio organizers are expecting hundreds, if not thousands, at their rally. It’s anticipated that they will march over to the Convention Center. Their participants will include families, people with strollers, grandparents, undocumented people – and therefore, they are not into making any confrontations, but believe their moving demonstration will be statement enough.

The Smash Trump San Diego network is staging their protests at 1:30 pm in front or near the Center. Their facebook page states that 581 people are going. The rally is being sponsored by the San Diego Antifascist Action, and is made up of activists working against police brutality. They advise people to wear black and attach their cellphones to their body so they can used as cameras.

Dump Trump, another network that is mobilizing for Friday, has 74 going on their facebook page. This group, which has some Republican base, I believe, is also urging some to go inside the Convention Center. They are also trying to organize people down from Los Angeles. Here is their statement:

We have been preparing and we are ready. We are going to show Trump that San Diego rejects his bigotry and his bold-faced lies. We will not be pandered to by a flip-flopping celebrity blowhard. He’s a hateful fool who has lied to the public too many times.

REMEMBER CHICAGO! They shut down Trump handily.

SAN DIEGO! It is our turn to kick Trump to the curb!

This is a bipartisan event. We do not condone violence. We support peaceful protest and demonstrations. We know our rights and will not be silenced

Can you imagine all of this coming down in the center of San Diego. You’ll have pissed-off janitors doing take-overs of lobbies and then taking over streets as they march to the Convention Center from near Broadway.

Meanwhile, you’ll have Democrats and other networks’ protests going off around the Center at 11:30 to 1:30. Then there will be the march with hundreds more from Chicano Park, also converging on the Center.

Trump is supposed to arrive between 2 and 2:30 – so his thousands will be in the mix. Tourists and the curious will mingle with the demonstrators, as some demonstrators mingle in the ticket line moving into the Center. And of course, the national media will be on hand in strong numbers.

So, it’s gonna be a wild and crazy time in downtown San Diego on Friday. Wouldn’t miss it.

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RB May 25, 2016 at 6:46 am

Hopefully, everyone will remain protesters and not become rioters, like in New Mexico last night.


ken moore May 25, 2016 at 10:58 am

And President Trump thanks you. Remember kiddies the San Diego Police will NOT be playing your game. If you need a felony and prison time they will be more than happy to help you.


Dean May 25, 2016 at 3:33 pm

Watching the “Riot” last night in New Mexico, it was not the peaceful protesters that were violent. It looked to be the work of Provocateurs. Political operatives used to incite, agitate and falsely implicate peaceful protesters and their message.
I saw the same thing during our 2003 downtown San Diego anti war march before we invaded Iraq. They acted like Nazi thugs calling themselves socialists trying to get the media to film them and discredit the crowd.


Jonathan Patton May 25, 2016 at 10:31 pm

Hi everybody! Where are here too! Please don’t forget! we hate Trump too!

Anti-Trump Protest San Diego, may 27, 2016

Protest Event: Friday, May 27 2016, Trump Rally – Time 10:00 AM –

Address: 111 W Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92101

Human Rights – San Diego SDC Community Group

We’re small group of 200 but please feel free to join us.

Donald Trump made racial remarks about Mexicans, Blacks and Hispanics.

San Diego is a culturally diverse and dynamic border community that
is fueled by the contributions of immigrants and citizens alike.




Jonathan Patton


Katie Rogers May 26, 2016 at 11:00 am

I wish I was there. I’d be right there with y’all!


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