“Belly Laughs, Chuckles and Guffaws” at OB Comedy’s 10th Anniversary

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OB Comedy 2-19-16 bm 3

Lauren O’Brien (All photos by Byron Morton)

Ocean Beach Comedy 10th Anniversary Show

By Byron Morton

Although primarily known as a music venue, Winston’s Beach Resort and Bar – at 1921 Bacon Street in the heart of Ocean Beach-, has for the past ten years been a showcase for some of San Diego’s finest comedy talent. And last Friday, the 19th, I went to see the Ocean Beach Comedy 10th Anniversary show, right in the heart of OB’s business district.

OB Comedy 2-19-16 bm 1There was so much talent performing their bits that I can’t review them all, as comedians from across the country came to celebrate and perform.

OB Comedy 2-19-16 bm 2

Show producer, Jeff Bilodeau

Winston’s large open window and emerald tiled entrance transports you into an old school hipster joint, complete with brick wall interior, reminiscent of New York’s East Village.

More than eighty people celebrated the comedic talent in an atmosphere of O.B. haze, tie-dye shirts and sombreros.  Ocean Beach audiences are not as sedate as other comedy venues in San Diego. These audiences are rowdier and loud talkers. The bar has intimate areas where patrons tend to gather and “socialize”.

I felt like I was at a funny family reunion, which it was. I had such a great time witnessing ten years of comedy magic and mirth parade in short sets on stage.

OBC’s host, Jeff Bilodeau let fly with a barrage about shopping and receipts that had me laughing so hard my cheeks ached. Yes, I will take a bag with that!

Lauren O’Brien, down from Los Angeles, made me convulse with her La Jolla kidnap joke. I would consider paying a handsome ransom for her.

OB Comedy 2-19-16 bm 4

Jesse Egan

Jesse Egan’s absurdist observation about segwey personal transportation vehicles was so funny it had the bar rolling around and guffawing.

When the comedians commanded the stage, the gaggle of bar buddies started to pay attention. Its all part of the Ocean Beach atmosphere.

When you need to get your fix of belly laughs, chuckles and guffaws, go see these widely talented comedians.

Damian Pruitt, Chris Curtis, Nick Crosby, Kate Lee, Veronica Burgess, Lauren O’Brien, Bijan Mostafavi, Gordon Downs, Rene Lancaster, Dan Venti, Adam Wolpe, Dave Wright, Billy Bonnell, Jeff Bilodeau, Jesse Egan, Bob Hansen, Andrew Deans, Steven Kendrick.

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