Inappropriate Police Response to OB Sexual Assault in Broad Daylight Leaves Outrage

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Editor: The following report by News8 is being reposted in its entirety to insure no one thinks the OB Rag is making this stuff up. (We ask their forgiveness in not seeking permission – we know they’ll grant it, as heaven knows their reporters use our material all the time.)

SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) – There has been no arrests, but witnesses to an alleged sexual assault in Ocean Beach in broad daylight said the actions of one of the officers responding to the call were disturbing.

The alleged sexual assault happened Thursday in broad daylight, but no charges have been filed, and San Diego Police has said they take all potential sexual assault cases seriously.

According to the police, no arrest has been made because the alleged victim refused to press charges.

Ocean Beach resident Cornelius Harris witnessed a man sexually assaulting an unclothed and unconscious woman in broad daylight right in front of his beachside home.

“I know a lot of crazy stuff goes on down here, but this was nuts. This is a sidewalk. This is where kids walk up to go the beach. It’s crazy they can do it and get away with it,” he said.

Witnesses called the police.

“We said we had just witnessed a woman getting raped by a drunk man who was fully unconscious,” said Justin Shon, another witnesses to the alleged sexual assault.

According to Shon, “He [the police officer] verbatim said, what the -(expletive)- do you want me to do about that? Are you guys victims of anything?”

“That officer, his response was absolutely ludicrous,” said Shon. 

Harris and Shon said they contacted the officer’s supervisor, insisting that some action be taken against the alleged attacker, whom Harris and Shon had detained.

“We were out here for four hours before he was finally put into handcuffs and taken away,” said Harris. 

Police said while the alleged attacker was detained, he was not charged and later released because the woman refused to press charges.

She told officers their contact was consensual.

But for Harris and Shon, that first officer’s conduct was unacceptable.

“Would you want your kid or your wife or anyone walking up on that, and then just, say, okay, go along on your way?” said Harris. 

The incident quickly blew up on social media, generating a firestorm of criticism among Ocean Beach residents.

“Nothing is going to happen to that officer unless he is exposed, and I think the residents of Ocean Beach need to know that this is what is going on,” said Shon.

Shon and Harris said they have filed complaints with the SDPD regarding this officer’s alleged behavior.

A police spokesman said that while he could not comment on this particular case, all citizen complaints filed against officers are taken seriously and are investigated.

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Debbie August 8, 2015 at 9:36 am

Can the OBTC organize a town hall meeting so that OB residents can get introduced to the officers that are suppose to be monitoring and protecting our area? The chief can attend and explain what is expected of officers and how they are to interact with members of the community who report crimes or other incidents. Who is walking the streets or riding bikes versus sitting in their cars etc. etc.

After that meeting, use some social media to rate these officers, their behavior, concern for the OB community, professionalism etc. If they are not doing the job and have the “what do you want me to do about it attitude”, then we get them kicked out of the OB beat and they can work elsewhere or get fired!


Joyce August 10, 2015 at 10:17 am

GREAT idea! Is be all over that. Let’s get it going. I’m sick of these police doing nothing! I reported two trolls having sex in public yesterday by dog beach parking lot where I own a home. Two hours later. No cops and trolls still there! WTF!? I waited on that stupid police line for 20+ minutes to get through. The least they can do is follow up on a crime. I’m getting so beyond fed up. It’s sad because I was so excited to finally own a home on OB on the beach. I never thought I’d be saying this after only two years… ?


PL Local August 8, 2015 at 11:10 am

The Police in the PL/OB area are f*cking retarded. This is a serious crime! It doesn’t matter if it was consensual, you are still doing it in the middle of the road in broad daylight.

This just shows you what the Police in our area are all about. Instead of going after major crimes like this, they will just sit at the cliffs watching the surf or kids jumping off the arch, or they will post up in front or near schools waiting for people to not completely stop at stop signs.

And whats up with the 911 operator(s)! A few months ago I witnessed kids throwing rocks or whatever at cars. I called the cops and they didn’t even show up, instead they asked me if the kids had any weapons and I laughed. The kids have rocks!

Ohh and going back to cops watching the surf. The other day I saw 2 cops at Garbage parking lot, just watching the surf. There was a group of kids in a White Ford F-150 smoking and taking shots. I guess they were too focused on the surf to care about their job!

Protect and Serve (Yourself)


Sammy August 8, 2015 at 4:51 pm

Word. !


jettyboy August 9, 2015 at 10:22 am

Where’s his name? Didn’t anyone think to write it down?


Joyce August 10, 2015 at 10:13 am

Officer Green


Gail August 10, 2015 at 9:57 am

A search on the Rag website pulled up an article from the July 1968 Free Press. Among other things, it describes some OB residents objections to multiple incidents of pubic intercourse on peoples front lawns. In fact, if you read the whole 1968 article, it could be written about OB in July of 2015. Having only lived here for three years, I am curious if “it has always been this way”. On a side note, when I want to go to the beach, I find it worth a short drive to go to Mission Beach. Clean restrooms, free parking, and very family friendly during the day. My comments are genuine, and not meant to offend. I chose OB because the cost of housing has been successfully kept lower than surrounding communities which I believe to be a good thing.


john August 20, 2015 at 11:51 pm

I went to the restrooms at the lifeguard tower at the foot of Santa Monica the other night and what greeted me almost made me vomit. Both urinals were broken and yet had been used all day and were overflowing all over the floor with yellow human waste. Of the two stalls one was usable but had feces covered TP caked to the floor. The other must have had the equivalent of a 5 gallon bucket of brown waste filling it and spilling over onto the floor which was covered with about an inch of it. As you can imagine flies were everywhere and you could smell the stench all the way up on Abbott St.
If you think its gross reading about it think what it was like in person. Why has the city let this facility go so bad?


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