“A Toast to O.B.s Community Plan! ” – a Poem by Kathy Blavatt

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July 29th, 2014… A Toast to O.B.s Community Plan!

By Kathy Blavatt

“A TOAST, A TOAST” …. No I didn’t say “A toke”….
Though in O.B. fashion, each celebrate in their own manner.
Just as early arrivals “to the EVENT” grabbed a beer beforehand.

The “event” to the “unknowing” was just one in the stream of bureaucratic,
sometimes moronic meetings at council.
Yet, this day, on the 29th of July in the year 2014,
a sea breeze of blue blew into council chambers.

Riding in were waves of people….“Real people”, not the usual suits!
Passionate OBeacans in articulate prose…
Speeches splashed with humor and well-researched fact
took center stage and laid fort “their plan”.

The plan, the people’s plan, the community plan…
For the “knowing” a sacred plan…
A plan and land that historical battles had been fought for.

Years wise “A baker’s dozen” only describes the latest chapter of the “plan”.
A community plan, an update of a historic plan…
A David verses Goliath scenario stretching back over decades.

A community who’s characters make up the town’s character.
Where “bigger is better” and “money is the end-all” is SET ASIDE for a dream of
a small house with a history, a pet in the yard, and neighbors you actually know.

A beach town that residents cultivate both gardens and history…
Priding itself on quirky and colorful…
Not the cloned beige boxes that overrun parts of the city.

A breeze was felt on this July 29th day as OBeacan’s rolled into chambers.
Council dipped their toes into the O.B.’s salty-water’s of thought and liking it….
Maybe living in a historic cottage with a yard, in walking distance to
a mom & pop shop and the beach is a good thing!

O.B.’s sunshine then filled the room as the council board lit up
with an unanimous vote “FOR”, passing item #333, “the PLAN”.
Bright smiles accompanied by cheers and hoots roared from the OBeacans.
The love for Ocean Beach filled the room and hearts that day.

© July 29, 2014 Kathy Blavatt


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Old Hermit Dave August 1, 2014 at 6:59 pm

Very nice poem, I am sure it will get more response than my poems ever do on the OB Rag.


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