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Candidates File to Run in District 2

OB, Point Loma, and much of PB and Mission Beach lie in San Diego City Council District 2.  Because former council rep Faulconer has taken the mayor’s seat, there is a vacancy. The filing deadline for candidates is here and we now know who is running.

Even though the election is supposedly “non-partisan”, what ever candidate receives an endorsement from the major parties definitely  has an edge up on others seeking the seat.  On the Democratic side, Sara Boot has received their stamp of approval.  Boot is a federal prosecutor.  The Republicans have endorsed Lori Zapf, who currently sits on the council representing District 6. When City Council maps were redrawn a couple of years ago, her residence fell into District 2.  Other candidates are lesser known and they include Jim Morrison, a Pacific Beach property manager and community activist, and Mark Schwartz, a marketer of organic fertilizers. Faulconer and the San Diego Police Officers Association have endorsed Lorie Zapf.

Jellyfish Invade Mission Bay

CBS 8 Reports that there is a “jellyfish invasion” of Mission Bay, and hundreds are washing up on shore. They are primarily moon jellyfish.  Human skin can resistt the sting from moon jellyfish.  An assistant curator at Birch Aquarium Leslee Matsushige told the media that if one touches a moon jellyfish, avoid contact with your eyes, plus the sting could irritate open wounds.

Matsushige says blooms of moon jellyfish are common in Mission Bay and with the recent rain there are more nutrients in the water to feed on, and with high tides, more are washing up to shore.  You can tell a moon jellyfish by its shape, which is like a moon, and its whitish tint. Commonly seen in the water, they pose little if any threat.  If you are stung by a jellyfish,  rinse with salt water or better yet, use warm water and vinegar.

Fugitive Wounded in Point Loma

10 News: Reports that 28 year-old suspect was hospitalized and four deputy U.S. Marshals were treated for minor injuries after an officer-involved shooting in the 2900 block of Garrison Street in Point Loma around 8 p.m. Wednesday, March 12. The suspect was found sitting behind the wheel of a white VW Jetta. He had been the subject of a multi-agency search for about 70 minutes.

When police attempted to arrest the suspect, he rammed two unmarked police vehicles and a marked patrol vehicle before striking an SDPD patrol officer in the leg. Fearing for his safety, the officer fired multiple rounds at the suspect, who was struck several times in his torso.  The suspect was a fugitive, police said, wanted for weapons and narcotics violation. He was transported to a local hospital, where he was in serious but stable condition.  The patrol officer and four Deputy U.S. Marshals were all treated for minor injuries. He said the officer who fired the shots at the suspect was a five-year veteran of the police department.  Update

OB Police Trailer Update

In late February, the San Diego Planning Commission denied an appeal to the City’s decision to allow the controversial police trailer to remain in the OB Pier parking lot. It did add some language that local observers feel  does puts pressure on the San Diego Police and the OB Mainstreet Association – the trailer’s sponsor – to find alternative solutions, and added  requirements to maintain what they consider an eyesore.  The trailer was granted a five year permit with the restrictions.  Others wanted to keep the trailer permanently.

Ocean Beach Friends of the Library to Meet March 18

Their next meeting is on Tuesday, March 18, at 2:00 pm. They will be finalizing plans for an upcoming Book Sale on Saturday, March 22, 9:30 to 12:30 and discussing other business. Gently used books, DVD’s, CD’s, and audiovisual materials may be brought to the library for the sale and will be greatly appreciated.

Navy Fuel Pipeline Through Point Loma Has Nearly Dozen Weak Points

10News An aging U.S. Navy fuel pipeline buried under the city of San Diego is eroding and losing metal by the minute, according an inspection report obtained by Team 10.   The Miramar pipeline’s latest inspection, updated in February, shows seven locations have at least 40 percent metal loss. According to the U.S. Navy, the pipeline can operate safely with up to 80 percent metal loss. The latest inspection highlights the 11 weakest points in the pipeline. Two occur at the northern end of the fuel line at MCAS Miramar – where one location has 54 percent metal loss and the other 45 percent metal loss.  A quarter-mile north of the San Diego River (near Interstate 5), 45 percent of the pipe is eroded.

The largest cluster of metal loss is La Playa – along the Point Loma bay front. Three of the weakest points, according the inspection report, are at that location.   The Navy has spent millions repairing the pipeline since 2009 when Team 10 first reported on its age and condition.   The plan includes moving the pipeline, starting in 2015. Most of the work involves moving a three-mile section under Rosecrans Street.

Police Dog Halts Suspect Who Robbed OB USA Gas Station

7 San Diego

Steven Balisteri of Riverside is accused of stealing a car  and driving it to Ocean Beach. On Sunday, March 9, around 7:30 a.m. he is suspected of pointing a gun at a clerk at the USA Gas station at Newport and Sunset Cliffs, and fleeing with a bunch of cash, of an unknown quantity. A number of witnesses saw it and assisted police. The suspect – in a stolen car – abandoned it in the 4700 block of Lotus Street, and took off running.  He was seen at W. Point Loma and Sunset Cliffs boulevards.  According to police, he didn’t heed the call to stop made by police, so they released the K-9, which took him down. He was taken to a nearby hospital for dog bites and then released into police custody.

During his arraignment Wednesday, Balisteri reportedly aughed when Deputy District Attorney James Koerber told the court Balisteri was a grave risk to public safety and asked that his bail be raised to $250,000 – which was granted.  A preliminary hearing is scheduled for March 25. Police are still looking for the suspected weapon used in the robbery.   10NEWS UPDATE:

Stabbing on Friday in Ocean Beach Results in Search for Man

On Saturday, March 8th, a young male stabbed a 22-year-old woman in her lower back during a fight in Ocean Beach.  Police are looking for him, described as Latino, in his late teens, and 5 feet 8 with a shaved head. He was wearing a gray sweatshirt and shorts.  The assault occurred shortly before 9 p.m. Friday in the 5000 block of Voltaire Street, near Abbott Street, San Diego police Officer David Stafford said. The assailant ran off before officers arrived.

Fiesta Island Evacuated After Tourists Find Mortar on  Saturday, March 8

Authorities evacuated Fiesta Island Saturday, March 8, as bomb technicians investigated a mortar discovered in the sand. Tourists had spotted an explosive device in the sand, and police reported the discovery around 3:25 p.m. Soon after, officials ordered everyone evacuate the island.  From there, the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department’s Metro Arson Strike Team used a robot to take pictures of the 60 millimeter mortar. Those pictures were sent to a military bomb squad, which soon arrived to take over the investigation.

Lt. Paul Rorrison with the San Diego Police Department stated:

“There was enough concern in this incident that they did feel that there was a danger and that it was highly probable that it was a live, high explosive round.”

Visitors who parked on the island were stranded on the mainland for hours while crews investigated.  That’s exactly what happened to Chuck and Rhonda Martin, who had to leave their truck on Fiesta Island as they moved to safety with their bikes.  This was the last thing they expected, and they said it’s the last time they’ll park there.  “I’m cold, hungry, tired and I want my truck,” said Chuck.  After a couple of hours, people were let back onto the island, and no one was injured.  The military bomb squad took the mortar to a bunker, where they will examine and destroy it.   7San Diego

 New Pothole Czar

There’s a new person at San Diego City Hall who is tasked with ensuring the city’s potholes are fixed.  Kris McFadden, who was appointed by Mayor Kevin Faulconer on Monday, will lead the city’s Transportation and Storm Water Department.  “You’re going to be seeing increased street resurfacing,” she said. “You’re going to be seeing fewer pot holes.”  Pothole crews are working in five days a week and visit each of the nine districts twice a month. McFadden said the goal of the crews are to fix potholes within five days a request is submitted.


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Seth March 13, 2014 at 1:16 pm

Ridiculous that a candidate whose platform is to cut city salaries and pensions can win the endorsement of a San Diego Police Officers Association over a federal prosecutor just by pandering to them. Get your heads out of your a–, guys. This city’s politics never make any sense to me.


Frances O'Neill Zimmerman March 13, 2014 at 10:15 pm

What’s the phone number for the pothole czar?


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