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OB Rag birthday cakeBack last Fall, the OB Rag was at a dangerous crossroads in terms of its future.  We made an appeal to the community of Ocean Beach as well as to our other supporters for help and guidance.   The response was great and it inspired us to keep publishing.

People started sending us donations and offers to help.  It has re-energized the Rag and since then, we brought on a part-time reporter, Matt Wood, and a part-time ad salesperson, Stephanie Denton.

Others have begun writing for us, helping us with content and coverage.

One of the things that got started by a number of supporters was a “$10 a month” set-up, where people will every month send us $10 via the PayPal button we have on our homepage.  (Just hit the button that says “recurring donation”.) Through these monthly donations combined with larger contributions from others and increased advertising, we think the Rag can manage to sustain itself.

But basically, we need more supporters to join this “$10 a Month Club” – so please think about doing this. It means a lot to us.OB Rag 9-14-09

And while you’re thinking about it, consider these:

  • OB is today at a development crossroads itself as the Great Recession recedes.  The OB Rag continues its coverage of the changes coming to the Village and the ever-present issue of gentrification.
  • The OB Rag has begun an exclusive series on the upcoming OB Planning Board election in March and  is looking at each of the 7 Districts within the Ocean Beach Planning Area.  No where else are you getting this kind of local coverage of the Village of OB.
  • Matthew Wood continues an OB Rag tradition of putting faces on the individuals who are the public servants for Ocean Beach and the Peninsula.  He’s been introducing us the the crews of the OB Firehouse on Voltaire.
  • The Rag’s coverage of the businesses in OB, the comings and goings of commercial enterprises on Newport Avenue and Voltaire Street is unmatched by anybody either online or on paper.
  • No where else are the denizens of OB able to discuss important issues as they are on the OB Rag. When the issue of CVS Pharmacy coming in and taking over the former Apple Tree Market site was foremost of people’s minds, it was the Rag that provided the needed platform for that discussion.

Help us keep the OB tradition of a progressive, grassroots press going.

Join the “$10 a Month Club“.

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