Word to the Wise: Week of October 24, 2013

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Tarot scorpian

By Kelsey Lynore / The Tarot Nook

Each week, Kelsey from OB throws a “What to do?” spread for each of the zodiac signs. The first card is shown and the other two… well, you’ll just have to infer them from the written forecasts. Mind the heads up and have a lovely week!


Innocence, playfulness, nostalgia, and an open heart. This week, try to connect with that most child-like wonderment and let it guide you, Aries. Although you may feel a wee bit exiled and impoverished, I’d advise you to view it as if a reset button has been pushed. You’ve only been stripped of the extraneous, giving you a wondrous opportunity to return to a more primitive state. Like washing grime off of a window, you may feel naked at first. But if you can overcome that sensation and allow your eyes to adjust to all that light, you’ll see a brand new world has opened up before you. Where do you want to go next, little ram? The decision is all yours!


Sometimes, the most important part of the healing process is the recognition that you’ve been hurt, Taurus. Which paradoxically hurts! Although it might not feel like healing at the time, I assure you that this week, you are doing just that. The other shoe is about to drop and you may discover that someone wasn’t completely honest with you or that you’ve been duped in some way. But you’re better off knowing the truth than operating in accordance with a lie, no matter how comfy. Trust that strongest part within you, that part that transmutes pain and miraculously sutures its own flesh, and you’ll be healed.


Pursue the glitter, Gemini. Get down with all that sparkles. I have no idea whether or not it’s real gold, but a little ‘shiny, shiny’ would do you some good. And so, too, would a bit of dreaminess. Is this an invitation to check out? To live entirely within your own fantasy world? Not quite. My bet is that you’ll be able to achieve some alchemical transmutation, to cull real value from your mental projections. And that’s the trick — Project outwards and then pursue, project outwards and then pursue again, almost like an intellectual yo-yo. Such a back and forth motion will actually move you forward this week, and I’m betting you’ll love where you end up.


Pace yourself, Cancer. You’re running a marathon, not a sprint. Although you may feel that certain decisions need to be made now as opposed to later, if you merely keep you nose to the grindstone and diligently plod onward and upward, your apparent conflicts and problems will dissipate naturally. There’s no need to ‘attack’ anything this week, nor is there a need to rush. So, continue to hang back, but do practice discipline as you’re perfecting a skill that is no easy feat. Indeed, you may not even realize the scale of your accomplishments. But others do! And they are in awe of it. Keep marching slowly to your own unique drum beat and refuse to react or feel pressured, You really are starting to get somewhere. Promise.


It’s time to cut the cord, Leo. To walk away from someone or something that once provided you with succor, comfort, and a sense of place. Why? Precisely because you have no idea who you are without this figurative security blanket. As such, it’s become something of a wet blanket, rendering your world muggy, stuffy, and dark. You need fresh air and natural light. So, as scary as it may feel to bid adieu, please be brave enough to lose your anchor and see where the tide takes you. You will be safe and you will be free. I guarantee it.


Don’t leave anything to chance this week, Virgo. Although you may be tempted due to the whirlwind nature of the week ahead, and what you correctly perceive as a fundamental need to go with the flow, make sure that you keep your hands on the steering wheel at all times. It’s OK to cruise, but don’t doze and don’t get distracted. The journey that you’re currently making would confound even the wisest and most experienced of travelers. Things really aren’t as they appear, and people aren’t necessarily saying what they truly mean. Stay sober and alert as you take this next pass.


Contrary to popular belief, you can be immensely stable. Maybe even a bit boring, right Libra? Well… er… not quite. The fact is that you’re far too sociable to work too hard or too long. And you really do need the influence of others. I know, you often fancy yourself to be leading the parade, but that’s kinda my point! The participants might not be half as enthralled as you are. They can walk away. But can you? So rather than attempt an independence that you can’t really swing, see if you can’t organize a partnership wherein you play the role of muse and let another play “artiste.” You’ll have more fun.


Don’t dwell on all the ways that you’ve been harmed, Scorpio. Sure, it made you who you are today, but that doesn’t mean you need to keep recalling one specific hurt that you consider to be a turning point. You’ve integrated it. It is you, so you don’t so much need to keep talking about it. Indeed, I’m inclined to ask you if you’ve ever tried forgetting it…. So, have you? Look, I’m not suggesting that you be irresponsible, but to the extent that your identity may have become a tight fit, it’s time to shed your skin so you can try on others. This week, forget again!


All’s fair in love and war, Sadge. Or perhaps it might be more just to say — At all times, in all eras, there is a base of something more akin to a democratic anarchy. We pursue what we think will be best for us, which is often times in accordance with our own society and its governing laws. But are those laws real? Are they absolute. No. They’re not. Or better, they’re only real to the extent that you believe in them. Fundamental lawlessness has tied you up and tied you down and you’re smarting something wicked. I understand. And I’m sorry. But please don’t forget how much fun you had playing the game before its denouement. You will love again, and this current pain is not de facto.


There’s no turning back now. Indeed, I sincerely doubt that you shall ever return to that which you have so recently quit. You’ve crossed the Rubicon, Capricorn. Although you may feel well in the midst of a crossing, please don’t forget who you are, and who you have been. You’ll need to know yourself thoroughly, as your history is the only map you’ve got to guide you in what is completely new territory. What attracts you? What repels you? Do you know why? And what lessons have you learned in navigating your desires? Although you’ll never return, it’s important that you don’t forget.


You can’t simultaneously be a rule breaker and expect to play it safe, Aquarius. It’s either one or the other. Likewise, you can’t expect to be über avant-garde and expect to be recognized as a master. Thus, although you very much yearn to be in the limelight, I encourage you to take a step back and think about what you truly want. My guess is that you don’t yet know. But you will soon enough. Take some alone time to allow yourself to process. Like a seed nestled deep within the earth, what you see now is not what you will see in a week or two. Allow your dreams their time to grow. They’ll flourish yet.


In the clear light of day, you’re suddenly aware of a profound and violent conflict. Don’t rush in, Pisces. Hang back. Bide your time. Allow your mind to drift. Fantasize. There are so many ways to address this issue that a knee-jerk response would be potentially very damaging, particularly as all eyes are on you and any bad behavior from your end will be immediately obvious to others. So, tap into that famous unconscious of yours and remain still. You don’t want to rattle any cages this week, regardless of any provocation.

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