Word to the Wise: Week of September 5, 2013

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Tarot dalizodiac_virgoBy Kelsey Lynore / The Tarot Nook

Each week, Kelsey throws a “What to do?” spread for each of the zodiac signs. The first card is shown and the other two… well, you’ll just have to infer them from the written forecasts. Mind the heads up and have a lovely week!

Tarot AceofSwords Rams (Aries)

You’ve recently experienced a breakthrough, Aries. Congratulations! Now please set down the party favors and back away from the beer keg. I mean that. This fresh start is meant to be capitalized upon, not dissipated in wanton excess. Invest in your career, your family, your community — in those stable, grown-up preoccupations of which crazed three-year olds, errrr…… I mean ‘Aries,’ are not even conscious. Don’t be a Ram-a-lam-a-ding-dong and blow your moment of clarity the instant you attain it because of foppish pride — or worse yet — because of lonely fear. You deserve to be successful. So stop running from it the minute you realize it really could be yours.

 Tarot AceofSwordsBulls (Taurus)

You know which direction to move in, Taurus. You know where you hope to arrive. You know how you wish to live out the rest of your life. And you know who you want to accompany you. So why are you tolerating such bad behavior. Why do hold your tongue? What traditionalist man is silently blocking your path? Lose him! And as with last week, look to the wisdom of a child to teach you how. This child is earthy, simple, but capable of building fabulous forts and catching whatever food s/he may need. Don’t you wish you could be so autonomous? Then ask her/him to show you how. This is precisely the person who will teach you how to run away from that patriarch and survive on your own wits. It’s high time!

Tarot kingofwands Twins (Gemini)

You’re the boss, Gemini. So if you find yourself getting in to stupid spats and pissing contests, might I suggest that you have one of your servants hold up a gilt mirror so that you can finally get a good glimpse of the culprit. That’s right. Look, there. It’s you! You’re the ringleader! And do you know why you’re starting such childish squabbles? Because you’re not being adequately challenged. You’re bored. So now you’re just being a bully. Why don’t you take responsibility for your own power and commence a journey to a pond with fish if not bigger than you, then at least your size. Hmmmm? The fat monarch look doesn’t suit you at all. Better a lean pioneer.

Tarot queenofswordsCrabs (Cancer)

Acting out of habit is ill-advised this week, Cancer. Ditto for reacting to “triggers.” (Yeah, you know who…) Similarly, if you harbor any serious addictions or dependencies, I suggest you kick them. In the head! Your next financial prospect is the fragilest of seeds. And that thing you usually do to make stuff grow… well, it’s not going to work this time around. So, do your homework, study this new species, understand its needs and do precisely what is necessary. No more, no less. This is gardening. You don’t need to “leave your mark” so much as nourish and nurture a new life. It’s not about you.

Tarot 9thehermitLions (Leo)

This is an incredibly important week for you, Leo. But just as last week, you’re in this for the long haul. You’re undergoing a long process of transformation, and by the end of it, you really won’t be the same person at all. That’s a good thing. But this is an ongoing period and a lull of several days might be rewarded with an hour of intense revelation. For the moment, you really need to be rethinking your priorities, as you’re trying to tame a beast that must be kept wild to survive. Again, as with last week, I advise you to let go and be less disciplined. The feral should be guarded and honored as is.

Tarot knightofwands Virgins (Virgo)

The winds of change, they blow. And my, oh my, do you want to ride off into the sunset, Virgo. But not before lighting it up. Here’s the thing — You’re not actually ready to play footloose and fancy free. You’re not strong enough, yet, nor have you adequately prepared for your journey. So, get strong by resisting those winds of change. Stand tall like the oak, and be equally diligent, stable, and predictable. I know. It sounds boring. It sounds like death. But it would be a shame if you bolted off before you were ready for it. This week, just focus on your work. Liberation is for later.

Tarot 5ofpentacles Scales (Libra)

Well, that road’s been run, huh, Libra? I know. That same feminine energy from last week is slave-driving you onward, trying to inspire you, entice you, maybe even bribe you. But Horatio Algiers is pure myth. You’re down for the count. And you don’t need a cheerleader; you need honest to goodness help! Relax. Forgive yourself. This happens to us all. But the sooner you realize that you’ve been conned by a mirage, the sooner you’ll realize that you’re in the midst of a desert. Better to know the score — particularly as you are the sign of balance and justice — then to trudge forward on fantasy and false promises. It’s time to weep and release. If you do so now, you won’t carry it with you.

Tarot 9thehermitScorpions (Scorpio)

Retreat this week, Scorpio. But under no circumstances should you be throwing a pity party. You shouldn’t indulge in anything that could be taken as narcissism, as you have a rather important decision to make. If you wallow in despair, you’ll only be considering your own immediate needs and desires. But there is so much more to consider! The secret is to follow your sticky predicament through to its logical conclusion. It may seem crass. It may seem brutish. However, it is in fact quite cunning. Be sensitive and be thoughtful and follow the intellectual maze before you. Where it leads could yet prove surprising!

 Tarot 7ofswordsSatyrs (Sagittarius)

Either you’re hoping for a shortcut or you’re demanding a redress. Either way, Sadge, you shouldn’t be praying to some deity to get there. Nor should you be throwing Tarot or checking your transits or measuring your progressions or waiting for Judgment Day. No. You need to lower your sights. You need to be more terrestrial. You need to be hands on and, dare I say it, think practically! Who do you know (of) that can aid you? Some flesh and blood woman who is earthy, kind, creative, and tolerant and who lives right here on this planet with you. Figure it out and your wish will be granted. But you must open your eyes and unfold your hands. Look around. When you spot her: just ask.

Tarot 7ofwands Sea-Goats (Capricorn)

You’re thinking that you need better boundaries, Capricorn, that you need to hunker down and defend your turf. What a limited perspective! What if I told you that you needed to expand? To explore? To take on more? Would you accept that or backpedal through all the reasons why you’d rather not? I’ve got news for you — As knowledgeable as you are, you don’t know everything. So get over yourself and drop the ‘been there, done that’ routine. It makes you as boring as your reasons why not. Buck your disgust, buck your over-saturation, buck your sense that you know how the story ends. Take some genuinely new turf and you’ll find that the story has many more chapters and ends in a whole other language.

 Tarot queenofpentaclesWater-Bearers (Aquarius)

You have the sense that if you don’t make hay today the sun won’t shine tomorrow. You know how fundamentally illogical that is, right, Aquarius? Do you also then see what a psychological strain you’ve placed upon yourself? No one can bear such weight. Thus, while you may be “in charge” and possessed with an entrepreneurial, pioneering spirit, I’d like you to take a vacation this week. I mean, just chill already. I know you have many places to go and a slew of people to meet, but if you don’t relax now, you’ll just burn out! Please, please be still… the sun will rise without your haymaking and you can return once you’ve rested.

Tarot 10ofswordsFishes (Pisces)

You want to be creative this week, Pisces. You want to dig your hands in soil and make tiny seeds grow. Or embark on a new career. Or tend to your greatest dream so as to watch it flourish. That’s awesome! But as you’ve only just recently reached an ending, maybe you should consider your options first. Hell, maybe you should mourn a bit more while you’re at it. This is a moment of fallow for you and you need to step back and take some down time. It’s not a penalty; you just need perspective. Your slate’s been wiped clean. Before you start scribbling, take the week to figure out what you really want to say. Otherwise, you could end up with another mess on your hands.

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