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OB Pot disp Storefront

Marijuana dispensary robbed near Ocean Beach

On Memorial Day near Ocean Beach, two men robbed a medical pot dispensary and got away with an undisclosed amount of cash and herbal weed. It happened around 11:15 a.m. when a guy walked into The Storefront with a gun.  Another man waited outside in a car, witnesses told the press.  CBS8

Editor Comment: For some reason, mainstream press calls this area “Ocean Beach”, whereas the OB Planning Board area stops at Guizot.

Strong Rips Off OB

Lifeguards told 10News they are busy with calls for help Monday because of rip currents at Ocean Beach and Mission Beach.    Rescuers entered the water several times by noon to help people, but none of the injuries were serious and everyone made it back to shore.

Navy Dolphins Find 130-Year Old Torpedo Off San Diego Coast

POINT LOMA — A 19th-century self-propelled torpedo, one of the first ever to be developed and used by the Navy, has been discovered by specially trained dolphins off the San Diego coast.   The 130-year-old Howell torpedo was found in March near the Hotel del Coronado during a mine-training exercise. The Navy trains and uses dolphins to find and mark the location of underwater objects as part of its Navy Marine Mammal Program. U-T San Diego

OB Woman’s Struggle With Bi-Polar Disorder

To a bipolar person, reality is a tease. Sometimes you see what others see, sometimes it’s through a distortion lens. And sometimes it’s what does not exist.   Bipolar disorder used to be called manic depressive, which, though not as soft sounding, has a gritty truth to it that squarely identifies what the sufferers go through. It means an afflicted soul can be Julie Andrews singing in the Alps one day and the Phantom of the Opera the next.

The mania stages of the disease can take the form of wildly energetic periods of productivity or soar off the charts into manic psychosis. Depression episodes can plunge the sufferer into a black hole that has sides too high to climb out of. U-T San Diego.

Man Runs OB DUI Check Point

In Ocean Beach, San Diego police say a man almost ran over two officers when he ran a DUI checkpoint at Sunset Cliffs Blvd. and West Point Loma Blvd.   Officers were able to stop the car with spike strips. He eventually pulled into a parking lot and surrendered. CBS8

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