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OB Ocean Spa jc 01

Ocean Spa Nails: author’s daughter Michele, with owner Ben, Wendy, and Jenny. (All photos by Judi Curry)

Ocean Spa Nails
4914 Voltaire St.
Ocean Beach, CA 92107

 I try to have a manicure and/or pedicure at least once a month but sometimes I find that something interferes with the timing and I may go longer without having one. Today my daughter Michele called me and told me she was going to have a pedicure and manicure at a new shop and wondered if I wanted to join her. Although I had a pedicure last week, I didn’t have a manicure and jumped at the chance of going with her for several reasons.

OB Ocean Spa jc 02I have been trying different shops in the Ocean Beach and Point Loma area for several years. I have not found one that I have been real happy with, but have gone back to different shops more than once because they were better than some of the other places I have tried. Michele told me that “Ocean Spa Nails” had several very good reviews and we were anxious to try it.

The location was perfect – located on Voltaire almost to Cable Street.  I thought parking might be a problem, but we ended up parking almost directly in front of the shop at 5:15 pm. They offer a full gamut of services, including Acrylic Nails, Gels, Pedicures, both regular and Spa, waxing, etc. Michele needed to have a fill and a pedicure whereas I only needed a manicure.

The shop is not large, but not small either. We were taken right away. Ben, the owner of the shop, did Michele’s fills. Wendy did my manicure and then did Michele’s pedicure.

OB Ocean Spa jc 03Also working there was Jenny, and after she cleaned up the spa baths, she said good night to us and left. Ben, although living in City Heights, has two children that go to school in Pt. Loma/Ocean Beach. His youngest son (8) goes to Sunset View and his 12 year old son goes to Dana. He has been in the area for many years.

We found the three manicurists to be friendly, easy going, and a pleasure to be with. Ben told me that if I would start wearing red nail polish I would have a better chance of getting a man. Unfortunately I had already had my manicure but may try it next time. After all, I have tried many different ways of finding a man – this will only be another one. Interesting to note that Michele wears red polish, and she has a man – so maybe it does work!

OB Ocean Spa jc 05

Fountain with running water.

The only down side of the shop was in cleanliness. We were there just before closing, and perhaps they had not had a chance to clean it up before closing for the night. It wasn’t dirty, per se, and I think that the utensils used were freshly sterilized, but there was paper on the floor, and the towels needed a good bleach to make them whiter.

Over all I would go back again, because the price was right – we were taken right away – and it was a relaxing environment. Part of the relaxation was a beautiful aquarium with huge gold fish swimming around that were fun to watch. The fountain in the front of the store was soothing as one listened to the running water. Yes, I will go back – at least to research the red polish philosophy!

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angeroo April 9, 2013 at 3:02 pm

This is, by far, the best place for an affordable mani/pedi that I have found in the area. Like you, I tried them ALL when I first moved here and was disappointed almost every time. I recommend this place to everyone in OB. Great service, great price, and the pedis last forever, even on this beach girl. :)

I’ve never questioned the cleanliness either. Maybe it was a fluke on your day.



nancy April 9, 2013 at 3:26 pm

I’ll have to try them.


judi Curry April 9, 2013 at 3:46 pm

I think you’ll like them.


Former Unhappy OB Spa Nail Client April 10, 2013 at 1:06 pm

I used to frequent this place every other week for several years until they started getting super busy, prior to Wendy’s presence in the shop. I started making appointments because walking took too long sitting upwards of 30 minutes. Appointment #1 I come in on time and both Ben and Jenny are currently cleaning fingers and toes no where near ready for me at my appointed time!!! Frustrated I waited not having enough time to find a new salon. Appointment #2 I schedule first thing in the morning at opening time requesting their earliest available appointment time to not have the same scenario and sure enough arriving in time again a couple sitting down already getting pedicures my feet rushed into water waiting close to 20 minutes before Ben then put my fingers in cold water to soak leaving me again for another lengthy time period. At this point frustrated and stressed due to lack of time and patients I left with my feet wet never to return. Now maybe this is just me but also several times Ben made several rude and sexually inappropriate advances towards me making my decision to not go back all that easier!


Debbie April 11, 2013 at 7:07 am

These folks work hard for reasonable prices. I make appointments with Jeannie and Wendy. They made substantial investments in spa chairs which are clean and comfortable. Their landlord charges crazy rent so they need to take customers when they are available. They get alot of walkins….something OBceans like to do.

I do agree on a few points of prior writers. Sometimes, you arrive and end up waiting. That is frustrating! It’s possible that people don’t show for their appointments or show up on time. I would be fine with them charging my credit card for an appointment and if I am a no show they keep the money and if late, I wait. If anyone has other suggestions, share them! I have not encountered problems with cleanliness but if you see something you don’t like you have to speak up and let them know your expectations or comment when things are nice and clean which recognizes their efforts.

Ladies! I cannot imagine that Ben is making sexual advances to anyone especially when his wife works in the shop with him. They are a nice couple with two very intelligent young boys. Ben does like to kid around..I take in a harmless fun fashion but if you don’t like that TELL HIM! but don’t flatter yourself thinking he wants you! You can get that from the regulars a few doors down at Lucy’s.

Judi … thank you for these reviews. It’s important to support our businesses. Hopefully comments make them even better so they can thrive and hire more people!


judi Curry April 11, 2013 at 2:32 pm

Thank you Debbie. I try to find something out about places I am going to try before trying them and I, like you, appreciate knowing something about the establishment from someone who has been there. I found Ben to be a happy guy; good personality. Since I am “looking for a man” – I took a second look at him and his actions and have trouble thinking that he really made a play for a customer. I think it is just his playful personality. The “red fingernails” is an example. But I thought of this review today as I waited 45 minutes to see my doctor and wondered – to myself – if I would wait 45 minutes for a manicure. I think not. I will always make an appointment when going there; and if I have an extraordinary long wait, you better believe I’ll write about it. Again, Debbie. Thanks.


OB Mercy April 11, 2013 at 5:26 pm

Only discovered Ocean Spa late last year after several of my local friends recommended them. I love the place I go to on Newport for my mani’s, but it was lacking for my pedi’s.

I must have good timing with this place, because I’ve never had to wait. In fact last time I went about 3 wks ago, they were closed (I think it’s on Tuesdays?) and Ben’s wife was in there cleaning. I knocked on the door anyway and then she told me they were closed. I guess I looked pretty disappointed, so she insisted I come in and she gave me a pedi even though they were closed! How many businesses will do that???

I totally love the amazing callus job they do for an extra $6! I mean, they put this stuff on your heels and feet and then scrub them for like 15 min straight! SO worth it. Especially when you’re a beach girl and really put your feet through a lot here.

Sexual advances from Ben?? Really? He has a great sense of humor, so ya probably need to lighten up a bit!


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