The Old OB Hippie Speaks: Life in the Village

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Editor:  With the following post, we begin a new, irregular column called “The Old OB Hippie Speaks” by a long-time resident who still calls himself a hippie.  Check it out and tell us what you think about it in the comments.

old hippie freewheelnfranklinLife in the OB Village

Life in this beautiful village goes on – and it’s daily.  My aim is to keep you up on the very soul of the community by sharing news, observations, and tid-bits that cross my reality. I plan to speak truth to you. And you can reciprocate by sending me stuff, either as a comment to this post or via email ( address to “old hippie” and send to ).

Still Counting Ballots for Planning Board Election Results

One big thing that is going on in OB is the Ocean Beach Planning Board election. The balloting was yesterday, Tuesday, but I’ve heard that they are still counting the “provisional ballots” and have not announced the results yet. I’m told by the editordude that once the OB Rag hears the results – it will immediately publish them.

The Gawronskis and Mount Kilimanjaro

OB Gawronskis closeupSpeaking of the Planning Board, our friend Jane Gawronski – who is Chair – and her hubby Tom – who just stepped down after being on the Board for a total of 10 years – have just returned from their trek to Africa and to Mount Kilimanjaro.  Yes, kids, this couple in their 70’s (she’s 70 and he’s 72), took a tour up the famous mountain.  The “dynamic duo” left on Feb 14th after months of getting ready with ‘roughing-it’ trips and hikes. The peak of the mountain is 19,500 feet.  But two camps from the top, the altitude was getting to Tom, so they decided to come down, and took a safari tour to round out their trip.

 Frequency Film Festival

OB’s first film festival starts March 21 at the OB PLayhouse, on Newport Ave behind the tattoo shop and The Electric Chair.  Paul Bolton of the longtime hair cutting place and his wife sponsored the Playhouse and film festival.  Here is their facebook for the film festival.  And here are the dates:  March/April 2013 March 21-23, 28-30, April 1-6 May/June 2013 May 23-25, 27, 30-31, June 1, 4-8 , with more dates to be announced soon.

Paul is also looking for help and sent this:

Directors, Actors, Playwrights…..The Ocean Beach Playhouse is now booking June-Dec 2013……..come and check us out or call us at 619-222-0836…….reasonable rates, GREAT acoustics, PA, 20′ movie screen/HD projector, Professional stage lighting with special effects, spotlight, sound/light booth, 3 backstage dressing rooms, in a beautifully designed Moroccan themed space. In the heart of Ocean Beach which has really supported local Community Theater.

 People’s to Expand / Move?

In the March newsletter, People’s Food Co-op head Nancy Casady discussed how the store has reached its capacity and hence staff are looking either to expand at another place outside OB, or move all together. We sure hope they don’t move – okay to expand, but don’t move, folks! We love you too much.  Nancy has promised the OB Rag, editordude informed me, that when they have some news, she’ll give the Rag an exclusive. Sweet!

David Wells and the Dana Ball Field

I’ve heard that baseball great – and local Point Loma High graduate of 1982 – David Wells is working with the Padres to finance a baseball field over at Dana Middle School. Their idea is to separate out the field from property owned by the San Diego Unified School District in order to guarantee this funding. Details are sketchy. Anyone got anything to add?

 Passings … Craig Burke PLHS 1966

And speaking of Point Loma High School, we are sharing the sad news that Craig Burke, another graduate of the class of 1966 just passed away in February. He is survived by his mother, Mrs. Dolores Burke, who still lives in Point Loma, and by his widow, Kathy, who lives in Ramona. (I don’t know if Craig and Kathy had any kids.)

Boogie Boarder Was Well-Known Chemist and Inventor

Point Loman Vernon Taniguchi, a boogie boarder who was pulled from the surf at Dog’s Beach on Sunday, March 3rd, and who died at the hospital, turned out to be a well-known chemist in his field and quiet the inventor.  Taniguchi, also from PLHS Class of 1968, had the following patents: Non-regenerating carbon monoxide sensor, Continuous displacement chromatographic method, as well as Continuous removal of polynuclear aromatics from hydrocarbon recycle oil, and others.

Len Poma

Of course, we’re all saddened as well by the recent passing of Len Poma – the guy who set the standards on local OB restaurants with his “Poma’s” deli at the corner of Bacon and Niagara. Leonard set the bar for meatball sandwiches, which to this day – thanks to his son Nick – has not been beat.  Many folks, some old hippies now, worked at Poma’s over the years, flipping pizza dough. Another member of the PLHS Class of 1966, Jim Pokorny, used to work there during law school back in the Seventies. Pokorny is now a big-time lawyer in town. But he definitely recalls Len. Len was only 62, man, makes me feel old.

Oh, btw, I’m NOT the Furry Freak Brother named “Freewelling Franklin” but the editordude had to put up something.  Until next time, boys and girls, when the Old OB Hippie Speaks truth.

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editordude March 14, 2013 at 10:18 am

Dear readers: this new column is definitely an experiment. Many readers are reading it but no comments are being left, which indicates that perhaps this is a one-time thing. Let us know.


bodysurferbob March 14, 2013 at 10:21 am

hey editordude, don’t be hasty; i see that there are at this moment 12 “likes”.


nancy March 14, 2013 at 12:37 pm

And I’d like to see it continue also.


dave rice March 15, 2013 at 10:28 pm

Hey, I like it, I like any local content here, and as long as it’s here I’ll read it and shout it from the rooftops (or at least to my tiny little corner of the twitterverse). I’ve just been away the last few days and hadn’t caught it – raiding banking conferences, checking out drone protests and immigration reform panels…it’s been a busy couple days.


want2surf March 16, 2013 at 5:33 pm

More perspective is always a good thing.
Looking forward to reading him, however irregular he may be. Maybe you can rummage around and find a She Hippie for a little extra insight.


Kenloc March 16, 2013 at 9:10 pm

Great column! Love the local perspective on the goings on. Perhaps peoples co-op sees the inevitable opening of a Trader Joes (or similar market) in OB as another incentive to move when a lease is coming up and they need to make a decision.(Purely speculation).Go David Wells! one of my all time favorite players.We do love community theatre!Awesome!RIP to the brothers passed.Not awesome..Poma’s is still the best pizza and sandwiches here IMO.Fugeddaboutit……


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