A Look at Drones and Issues of Domestic Surveillance

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By Blake Bunch / IVN San Diego / Dec. 20, 2012

The recent spike in domestic surveillance could represent an increase of police force “militarization” to some, an argument which is primarily defended through public safety measures. In San Diego, CA, the County Sheriff Department’s interest in a Scout unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has remained shrouded from public knowledge.

Similar to other police forces throughout the US, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests regarding the use of unmanned aerial vehicles have remained painstakingly unfruitful.

This was the case until MuckRock and the Electric Frontier Foundation’s (EEF) Drone Census report began examining the issue nationally. The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department received the FOIA request and, to no surprise, initially responded that it had no documents to release dealing with the issue of drones.

MuckRock finally received correspondence from the Seattle Police Department regarding “clear evidence of drone interest in San Diego.”

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