OB Bus Riders of No. 35 – Be Aware

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The bus stop at Point Loma Ave and Sunset Cliffs Blvd – when the bus was running.

They did it again!

Without any warning, the No. 35 bus has had its route changed.

Two of my foreign exchange students who live with me waiting for the bus at Sunset Cliffs and Pt. Loma Avenue were informed by another passenger that due to construction on Sunset Cliffs, the “new” bus stop would be at Cable and Del Mar beginning Monday, Oct. 22nd (the day this was written)!

Both students, along with other riders, were late in arriving to school, work, etc. through no fault of their own.

When the students called me later in the day I walked down to the bus stop to find that there was now a shield over the bus information saying that the bus stop was temporarily closed. That shield was not there yesterday morning.

It is interesting to note that this same bus stop was “temporarily closed” last year AT THE SAME TIME for construction on Sunset Cliffs, and no notice was given then either.

There is no indication of how long this “shut-down” will last. My guess it will be after the rains leave.

If you – or people you know – take the No. 35 bus to and/or from Pt. Loma Ave. and Sunset Cliffs, allow more time to catch the bus, and be careful walking home from Del Mar and Cable. The street lights are insufficient.

Another article re: public transportation is in the process of being written by another OBRag columnist. Look for it in the near future.

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Terrie Leigh Relf October 26, 2012 at 12:55 am

Hi Judi:

I sent my piece to Frank yesterday, and am starting on the anecdotal one, etc. Thank you for writing these. Many OBtians have no other transportation, and it seems like OB and Pt. Loma are particularly ignored.


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