(Another) Injury from Fall Off Sunset Cliffs Near Ladera Street – But Our First Responders Were There

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Screen capture of NBC San Diego News video.

Yet another person has been injured in a fall off Sunset Cliffs.  Late Sunday night – early Monday morning around 2 am, lifeguards got the call about injuries from people falling off the cliffs near Ladera Street.

One person was hospitalized in critical condition. It was estimated that the 20-year old man had fallen about forty feet from the cliffs to the rocks and beach below. When lifeguards did respond, they found two people on the beach. One was able to walk away without major injuries, but the second person had to be airlifted out in critical condition.   UCSD Medical Center received the injured person. Here is our news source.

During this season, it seems that there are plenty of falls from the famous Sunset Cliffs. Two young women were injured near the same spot not too long ago (earlier this summer). Whatever the reasons that contribute to these falls and subsequent injuries, alcohol, carelessness, fights, or unfamiliarity with the cliffs and their dangers, our first responders do respond – sometimes en mass. Often they work in dangerous conditions – airlifting an injured person off the cliffs at night for instance – and we pay them to do this.

And at times, they – these first responders – seem unappreciated. Certain politicians use them, their working conditions, their pensions, their collective bargaining units as fodder for the political arena and their own political gains.  We say – ‘respect our first responders; respect their rights, the gains they have made in improving their conditions and benefits, and their unions who they vote in. Leave them alone.’

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