OB’s People’s Food Gets Mention for Having Re-Useable Sandwich Bags

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After discovering that a plastic bag takes over a 1000 years to break down, San Diego Reader writer Eve Kelly – who’s is a mom – decided to do a search for re-usable sandwich bags.  A friend of hers had told her that “one child makes 60 pounds of lunch trash per year.”

Eve answered:

“Imagine the amount of plastic a school throws away yearly. And the amount of money we moms spend on that stuff. Time to look into some reusable sandwich bags.”

So Eve set out to find stores in San Diego that offer such an exotic thing as a re-useable sandwich bag.  She found one in OB’s People’s Organic Food Market. Here’s her quote:

Ocean Beach People’s Organic Food Market (obpeoplesfood.com; 619-224-1387)

carries an assortment of machine-washable Semilla snack bags: pink girly robots, blue robots, yellow and green guitars, pink and yellow flowers. The Chiquita Snack Bag, a small bag with Velcro across the inside top, runs $5.75. A matching two-pack — two different sizes — runs $12.95. A larger-sized wrap that opens up to a placemat costs $7.69.

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dave rice September 6, 2012 at 11:15 pm

I may have to check these out – last year I bought my daughter these cool three-compartment plastic containers for a sandwich and two snacks, but they’re a bit bulky for her new lunchbox…I figured that at $8 each they saved about $12 worth of plastic baggies over the course of the year, not quite break-even but when we’re talking about less than $10 and considering the amount of trash avoided it’s pretty much negligible.


Citizen Cane September 6, 2012 at 11:41 pm

Yes. Yes. And if you bring your own Hello Kitty bento box to a restaurant, then you won’t need to ask for a (styrofoam) doggy bag for leftovers.


RB September 7, 2012 at 8:52 am

My daughter, who eats PB&J everyday at school, hates sandwiches that get smashed in her backpack. We have been using a couple of washable sandwich containers for three years.


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