Police Warn Family of OB Assault Victim Not to Interfere

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John Wilson’s Wanted Poster.

Brother of Victim Has Posted Wanted Posters Around OB and Is Offering Large Reward

Yesterday we described efforts of the brother of the recent sexual assault victim to find her assailant. John Wilson had placed posters up around OB and has offered a $5,000 reward for info leading to arrest and conviction of whoever injured his sister on August 25th on the 5000 block of Muir Avenue.

But police are not happy.  They have warned Wilson and the victim’s family to “leave policing to police,” which was what SDPD spokesperson Lt. Andrea Brown told Fox5 News yesterday.

Lt Brown was quoted as saying that police have been investigating the case since it occurred, and officers have been working with Crime Stoppers to find witnesses. Brown said that she “understands a family’s desire to get answers, but many times their actions could damage the case.”  Brown:

“You just never know who will call you. They could be lying to get the reward or giving you false information and I worry what will families do with that.”

The general complaint from police is that any private investigation by family or friends could interfere with the police investigation.

But Wilson is not quitting his campaign. He will continue his search for the person who hurt his sister despite the warnings.  Wilson reiterates that the attack on his sister was a serious, sexual assault, and the perpetrator had his pants off by time his sister broke free.

Wilson’s sister was the second victim sexually assaulted in Ocean Beach within 10 days, the earlier incident was on August 15th in Robb Field.

Here are our earlier reports: here, and here.

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Jack Hamlin August 29, 2012 at 2:30 pm

Hmmmm…..Fox News pairing with the SDPD, now there’s an unexpected set of bed fellows (that was written tongue firmly planted in cheek.

My concern for Mr. Wilson is this. The police have informed him he is interfering with their investigation. Those are magic warning words. It is their way of telling him to back-off and “let them do their job.” The next step could be an arrest under California Penal Code section 148. So Mr. Wilson, they do not care about you being defrauded, they care you may upstage them.

I applaud Mr. Wilson for asking the community to help him and his family find and obviously dangerous and distrubed individual. And I believe as a community we should respond by simply listening and looking and be aware of each other. Not in a big brother way, but in a way that promotes looking out for each other. Carrying and concern…not vigilantism….


Frank Gormlie August 29, 2012 at 9:18 pm

chortle, chortle


Laura August 30, 2012 at 1:27 pm

I applaud Mr. Wilson for bringing this matter to our attention as well. I live in the same block as this vicious attack and tried to find a tv news report giving more information after the incident but to no avail. I feel much safer knowing my neighbors are aware of the matter and consequentially fosters a community that looks out for one anothers wellbeing even more. Hopefully the tips generated from Mr. Wilson poster will not only help the police catch this perpetrator but also gives us a collective opportunity to wish the victim well.


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