“A Cardboard Flavored Government.”

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By Josh Eisman

While Romney’s firm ran Dominos, the customers’ cost of a pizza was cut by nearly 35%. Pizza price and taxes are both forms of revenue, Mitt Romney has now vowed to cut government revenue.

In order to stay afloat with such low revenue, Romney’s firm cut the quality of current products and the research and development of future healthier products.

To deal with these cuts, Mitt Romney has vowed to cut social programs, green jobs and the development of college student’s (through student loans). He suggests he would de-regulate business and corporations, which would automatically reduce quality of these businesses.

He doesn’t do this for free though. He made his money off royalties, tax write-offs and selling this debt consumed company. His firm sold the cheese, the sauce and the dough, and forced franchise owners to purchase them at unprofitable prices, still charging high franchise fees.

If he becomes president, he would probably do the same, using royalties from big oil and lobbyist for his deregulation. He would alter tax codes which would protect his assets.

Although several franchises were opening, the quality, profit and longevity was not a concern for Romney’s firm. His firm was merely concerned with growing the appearance of the company for future sale while raking in as much profit, for the firm, as possible, at any cost.

If this is Romney’s approach to American businesses, the same thing will happen that happened to Domino’s, We will need to redefine ourselves as a quality producing country. American quality is what makes our country strong.

I’m voting Papa John’s(Obama).

Josh Eisman is our columnist Judi Curry’s grandson.

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