The Final Push: Call Obama and Sign the Petition Against the NDAA Today

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The Final Push  To Veto Indefinite Detentions without Trial

President Obama has not signed the National Defense Authorization Act, and he hasn’t vetoed it either. So there is still time to call the White House and sign the national petition against the NDAA.

Call President Obama 202-456-1111

The President has neither vetoed the NDAA bill nor he has signed it yet. Which means there is still opportunity to ask him to veto it.   The NDAA bill passed by Congress contains some of the most dangerous provisions we’ve ever seen: it would allow the government to imprison anyone indefinitely without trial or charges—even US citizens just based on suspicion.

 This is America. We have rights, and we demand that our government respect and protect them.   Call President Obama Today: 202-456-1111

 1. Call President Obama urging him to veto indefinite detentions in NDAA 2012 bill: 202-456-1111.

 2. Call ten friends, colleagues and relatives to call President Obama as well. Do it every day.

 3. Forward this action alert with your friends.

Sign the ACLU’s Petition

ACLU Petition On 2012 NDAA – ‘President Obama: Listen to the American People, Not Your Advisers’

President Obama: Listen to the American People, Not Your Advisers

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was just passed by Congress, and is on its way to the President’s desk. The bill contains a dangerous provision that could be read to authorize the military to detain anyone in our country, including U.S. citizens, without charge or trial.

The President’s advisors are recommending that he not veto this legislation despite earlier promises to do so.

The whole world is not a battlefield and President Obama should make that clear. Tell the President to veto any bill that contains indefinite detention without charge or trial.

Please sign.


What is the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)?

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is a bill passed by Congress in early December. It contains provisions that, if made law, would order the military to arrest, and indefinitely detain, even US citizens merely accused (but never proven) of involvement in terror-related crimes. Americans who care about liberty and freedom must take immediate action. Whether concerned about communities vulnerable to racial profiling in the war on terror, or the ideological profiling apparent in the FBI’s investigation of dozens of peace & justice activists around the country, or simply preserving the right to trial or the longstanding prohibition on domestic military deployment, all Americans share a stake in this struggle.

 See OB Rag articles on the NDAA:

Congresswoman Susan Davis’ Office gets “Occupied” by Activists Protesting Defense Bill

If Obama Signs the Defense Bill – It Will Be Legal for American Citizens to Be Arrested On American Soil and Indefinitely Detained Without Trial

Senate passes outrageous defense bill and sends it to Obama – who said he would sign it.

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Frank Gormlie December 21, 2011 at 11:36 am

I just called … and the recording said an operator would talk to me soon … “all volunteer comment line operators are helping others…” , and even offered the helpful info that I could call back later, but the President really wants to hear my comment I was assured … finally a live operator came on, and very politely but strongly told her that if the President signs this act, he will destroy America and our basic freedoms, and that I would resign from the Democratic Party. She coughed and then thanked me.


Brandt Hardin December 21, 2011 at 12:09 pm

The NDAA only goes to further stifle our Constitutional Rights without the approval of the Americans, just as the Patriot Act was adopted WITHOUT public approval or vote just weeks after the events of 9/11. A mere 3 criminal charges of terrorism a year are attributed to this act, which is mainly used for no-knock raids leading to drug-related arrests without proper cause for search and seizure. The laws are simply a means to spy on our own citizens and to detain and torture dissidents without trial or a right to council. You can read much more about living in this Orwellian society of fear and see my visual response to these measures on my artist’s blog at


Swordfish January 13, 2012 at 9:31 pm

Guys, I know we are all concerned over this. Please go to the link and sign the ACLU’s petition to get this abomination out of the United States.

Spread it on facebook if you haven’t seen it before. We must do something. I refuse to live in fear.

Ron Paul 2012


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