Vignettes of Occupy San Diego

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This diary will be short on commentary, showing three video interviews I made that give some idea of the range of activity at this smaller venue.  It reflects the goals and current state of organization of this small local manifestation of the much larger movement.

First there was this interview with Larry Garcia, who had been a residential mortgage broker, and was in the media booth. The caption of this interview is response to my question about the clout of entrenched powerful corporations, “We’re collecting a different type of capital here, it’s called votes.”

Next we have this interview with Larry Sweet who represents a movement  not associated with our financial distress, but fits into the larger, still amorphous, mosaic.  Listen carefully as there was a generator nearby.

And finally, an interview with the second highest ranking police officer of San Diego, showing the importance the city gives this movement, and the respect:

Now to attempt to be balanced in my presentation to our country’s problems, there is an entirely different approach to solving them, one that will not be disruptive of all of our valued and valuable corporate, financial military, professional structures that are serving us all so well.  I didn’t quite get it, but it has something to do with using our right hand, patriotism and following a strong leader:

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Pink Puppy Belly October 11, 2011 at 4:50 pm

The guy with the Minnesota reminds me of Captain Caveman. You know the type?
Long gray hair down to their shoulders. The fun type. Kind of articulate when
provoked but fun at Halloween time.


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