#OccupySD Protesters are Being Arrested, Right Now in Civic Center and in Children’s Park

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1:54 am, Calls coming in to Frank that arrests are being made at the plaza and at the solidarity site at children’s park!

Approximately 6 were arrested at Children’s Park.  No warnings were given.

Asst Police Chief Boyd Long announced that the Occupy San Diego site is “being cleared out.”

What should people do who wish to support those being arrested?  Form up at the Plaza, call the Police Department to complain, call the Mayor of San Diego.

We are on our way downtown…

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Lois Sherman October 29, 2011 at 2:07 am

This situation with the hold of the 1% treating the 99% as children, making the rules we have to live by is egregious and despicable. We have to strongly oppose this situation. We have to learn to take back our rights. It is not going to be easy and as in the past, we will get kicked in the butts, but this is what we have to do. Along with this is a good example when the then governator, stood announcing to a rally of the nurses in Sacremento, “nurses don’t like me because I kick their butts.” How professional. But look what he ended up as. KEEP GOING. Also remember the progress that the California nurses made with nurse ratios and patient safety. Look at the stand the citizens took with Netflix. The people shot right back, with Netflix sobbing now. Check their stocks. Look at the other banks looking at the $5 fee they were going to impose. Other banks have held off obseving what will happen if Bank of America starts these practices. They have not tried the same things. Also Bank of America is starting to modify this $5 fee. KEEP ON, occupy San Diego. They are listening. We are going to make change. It is hard but we are hardier. GO GET THEM. You can know that they are listening, push harder. Look what Occupy is slowly accomplishing. See and believe what we are accomplishing and push harder. I BELIEVE IN OCCUPY SAN DIEGO.*************************************************


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