Occupy San Diego: Update on 3 Weeks of Occupation

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Occupy San Diego jumped into history just 3 weeks ago, when on Friday, October 7th it sprang to life with a huge march around downtown that included a rally at Civic Center Plaza, and the first pitching of tents at Children’s Park.

Now, entering its third week, San Diego’s Occupy Wall Street incarnation has a monstrous achievement under its belt: it’s still going!  People, protesters are still camped out at Civic Center Plaza.  Despite all the problems, the tensions, the frictions – we are still there at San Diego City Hall.  And the occupiers remain peaceful and non-violent.

It’s been an exciting week, with an expansion of a solidarity station at Children’s Park, with the establishment of a nurses’ station, with Tuesday’s demonstration of sorts at the City Council meeting where at least one hundred ( I counted them) occupiers and supporters jammed Council Chambers, where tensions were raised once again at the encampment when numerous tents mysteriously appeared, and with the numbers of police officers increasing at the Plaza.

The tensions coming out of places like Oakland and Atlanta between occupy demonstrators and police have not gone unnoticed here in San Diego. Officers make the rounds in the morning around 6am, rousting people out of the tents and their sleeping bags. Still, relations are cordial between demonstrators and cops, as flowers were handed out to individual police officers on duty at the Plaza, in a attempt at obtaining better PR than the video of the dog chewing on a flag-like neckerchief.

The Plaza coffee shack has closed to much fanfare, and natch, the occupiers were blamed for causing this. Yet these accusations came from the same couple who after claiming that someone had stolen their tip jar, accepted much more in cash instantly raised by the occupiers.

Like many other Occupy zones, there was a Vigil for Scott Olson, this week, the on duty vet grossly and severely injured by a flash grenade thrown by Oakland cops.

Today, Thursday, about noon, members of the International Union of Security, Police and Fire Professionals of America entered the Plaza in a show of solidarity. They are looking for friends and allies as they may have to go out on strike against the MTS if they cannot negotiate better benefits.

Daily Schedule

Occupy San Diego does have a daily schedule – always subject to change at the last minute – all written up at the Info Table at the mouth of the Plaza right off 3rd Avenue. Here it is:

5:30pm – 6:30 pm  — Committee Meetings

7:00pm General Assembly meeting

Marches sometimes at 1pm, 4pm, 5pm and sometimes after GA around 9pm.  Particular Teach-In’s are arranged during the day, each day.

Schedule for Next Couple of Days

Friday October 28

 8:45 AM – 12:00 PM (tentatively): Solidarity March & Protest– From OccupySD Civic Center to the Wells Fargo Building

Numerous local organizations are upset that SANDAG (San Diego Area Governments) is proposing $200 BILLION dollars in future investments to take City tax dollars to support a massive expansion of the highway system and gas-guzzling autos and big fuel industries, as well as numerous high-dollared real estate developers, deeply in the pocket of local politicians and bureaucrats. From OccupySD Civic Center to the Wells Fargo Building, about 5 minutes away. We will be marching to the Wells Fargo building at 8:45 to go upstairs to the 7th floor and participate in the SANDAG meeting after which we will be congregating around the Wells Fargo Building for a rally.

 2:30 PM to 3:00 PM: Teach-In by City Clerk Liz Maland and George Biagi (Deputy Director Legislative Services, Office of the City Clerk):

“Non-Agenda Public Comment (San Diego City Council)” Overview; Council Rules; discussion about possible ways for Occupy SD and the City Clerk’s Office to work together in preparation for Tuesday’s 10am Non-Agenda Public Comment portion of the Council Docket. The presenters have explicitly requested that their teach-in not be recorded; Civic Center.

8:00 pm – San Diego County Labor Council and United Nurses join Occupy San Diego in a sleep-over at the Plaza

 Saturday October 29

“We support our postal workers” teach-in, March and Rally

1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Gather at Civic Center (3rd and B) then march to E Street Post Office

Congress intends to privatize our Postal Service, lay-off/fire over 220,000 postal workers, while our postal service will shrink and and become more expensive, unaccountable and corrupt in the hands of Corporate America.

Schedule of Event:

1:00-1:30 Teach-In on the struggle the postal workers are waging and why we should all take sides with them

1:30-1:45 Sign Making and Chant Writing

1:45-2:15 March to the E St. Post Office

2:15-3:00 Rally and public Speak-Out against layoffs, privitization and union busting

Monster March–costumes and street theater encouraged

4:00 p.m. to 9:00 pm

Gather 6th and Juniper, south of Laurel at Balboa Park

North County “Occupy”

Also on Saturday there is an action by Occupy North County – Corner of Coast Highway 101 and Encinitas Blvd., Encinitas

Noon: Teach-In and committee meetings}

1 PM: March

3 PM: General Assembly

Daily Email Blasts

Long-time peace activist Carol Jahncow sends out a daily email blast listing the calendar and schedule of Occupy San Diego. If you’d like to get in on that email stream, email Carol : carolj@igc.org 

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Danny October 28, 2011 at 12:52 am

This is all good stuff. I’m really happy things are still peaceful. I’m also thrilled about occupy North County.


Frank Gormlie October 28, 2011 at 6:13 am

It’s amazing what a few hours can do. I write here that all is well – ‘we’re still here’ – how little I knew what was in store.


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