OBceans Encouraged to March Together in Occupy San Diego Demonstration Friday, Oct. 7th

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Let’s Show Support for “Occupy San Diego” as a Community

Several OB activists (along with some former OBceans) are asking residents of Ocean Beach who plan on attending the Occupy San Diego march and occupation to gather together to form an OB contingent.

The Occupy San Diego march will begin at approximately 4:00 pm from the Children’s Museum Park, First and Island in downtown San Diego. Marchers will move along downtown streets and converge on the Civic Center Plaza around 4:30.  There will be a rally at the Plaza and then organizers plan on asking people to march to another location for the initial occupation.  This change will only be temporary, and was requested on behalf of San Diego’s Jewish community as they too are holding a celebration at the Civic Center – Yom Kippur.

OBceans are asked to join together at the Children’s park between 3:30 and 4pm and march together – showing support for Occupy San Diego as a community.  Look for the OB Rag banner – which will be used as a rallying point for those from the community.  People are asked to bring hand-made signs and banners – including more OB banners -, and those thinking about participating in the occupation should check out the Occupy San Diego web sites for more information.

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dave rice October 6, 2011 at 10:01 pm

Random aside – is anyone here familiar with the working of small gasoline motors? I’m trying to get a generator out to power the media station at the event, but I’m not 100% sure it’s in working order, as I haven’t used it in a few years…fingers crossed it fires up and functions when I pull it out of storage over the weekend, but failing that I might need some help getting the sucker running. I plan to drag it out to a location near the main camp to power PAs and charge laptops and cell phones as often as my schedule allows. Anyone so inclined can get a hold of me at daverice.dr at gmail, or contact the Rag, as I’m sure they’ll put us in touch. The device in question is:



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