“Occupy Wall Street” protests continue for 4th day – livestream available on OB Rag sidebar

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A protester bangs on barricades with drum sticks as demonstrators march on Wall Street in New York, on September 20.. This is the fourth day of anti-corporate demonstrations on Wall Street by numerous advocacy groups protesting against corporate greed and its corrupting effects on US democracy, media reports state. (Photo: Peter Foley / EPA)

Protestors continue their “Occupy Wall Street” demonstrations in New York City for the fourth day.  In what began as a day of rage on Saturday, the 17th, continues into this week. Hundreds have been camping out at what used to be called Zuccotti Park – renamed “Liberty Park”.

A livestream video of the protests is available at the OB Rag sidebar.

This morning – the 20th – the livestream reported:

At 730 am of 9/20 three people were arrested including one of the media team. Always classy, NYPD. At any time, 50-70 people typically surround the park w/ about 200-300 people in it.

At around 6pm on 9/19, police seized the gas supply for the media generator in an attempt to silence this livestream. They have been blocking some food/ water resupply efforts.

 Also, in “old” news, it reported:

On 9/19: police pulled the Wikeleaks truck over and arrested 2 for chalking on sidewalks, 4 for wearing anon masks, and 1 for crossing a barricade. Zuccotti Park was occupied on night of Sat Sept 17 and renamed Liberty Park.

On camera, one young man – un-named – explained that the people in the park and at the demonstrations are of many groups, and are united together against a “culture of greed and consumption”.  General values of humanism and equality guide them.  In Liberty Park, the  demands of the protests are still being sorted out by hundreds of people, all having debates.

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