OB Ragster quoted in U-T’s announcement of their end of anonymous comments

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On the front page of today’s San Diego U-T, there is an announcement by the U-T of the end of anonymous comments to their online publication, SignOnSanDiego.

And our very own OB Ragster Doug Porter was quoted to show one of the reasons, at least, the daily newspaper is changing their comment policy.

Doug is quoted near the end of the article (from one of his OB Rag posts – although the OB Rag is NOT mentioned) – here is the entire reference:

If … civility had carried the day, SignOn might not have abandoned anonymous posting.

 But it didn’t, and people noticed. One local blogger, Doug Porter, wrote last week that the comments section “has long been a black mark on the paper’s credibility. If you happened upon it — say as an outsider thinking about relocating to San Diego — you’d think this town was filled with rabid, frothing nutcases in desperate need of professional anger management therapy.”

Thanks, Doug, for pointing out one of the obvious consequences of an online publication not monitoring their comments. And thanks, U-T, for pointing out one of your persistent critics.

Although, next time, let your dear readers know where the “local blogger” and his comments came from. You know, it’s called accreditation.

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thinking out loud September 12, 2011 at 9:36 pm

gezze the rag would bitch if they got hung with a new rope…let it go…you bitch 24/7 about the UT but want constant validation from them…let it go….


Patty Jones September 12, 2011 at 10:55 pm

TOL, in your last hundred or so comments I found 2 that had a positive tone, and one of those was complimenting someone else who was bitching. Now where’s that new rope…


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