Both State Houses pass Vargas’ bill that would block SEMPRA’s cross-border transmission line

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California State Senator Juan Vargas.

By Billie Jo Jannen / East County Magazine / Sept 12, 2011

A resolution introduced by District 40 State Senator Juan Vargas (D-San Diego) and passed in both houses Friday [Sept. 9th] seeks to put the brakes on a high voltage trans-border power line slated to bring electricity in from the proposed 1250 MW La Rumorosa wind turbine project near Jacumba.

Vargas presented SJR 13 as a jobs protection measure for Californians who, Vargas says, would lose 15,000 green energy jobs if the turbine farm is built in Mexico instead of California.

The resolution calls on the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Energy to reject Sempra Energy’s application for a presidential permit to construct the Energia Sierra Juarez trans-border transmission line between Mexico and San Diego County.

One portion of the proposed transmission project would consist of two miles of transmission line located in Mexico. That portion would be constructed, owned, operated, and maintained by a subsidiary of Sempra Energy Mexico and would be subject to the permitting requirements of the Mexican Government.

The remaining portion of the proposed transmission project would consist of a one-mile transmission line constructed by Sempra in the U.S. on private land. The line would run into a large substation that SDG&E seeks to build in Jacumba. From there, it would be transported into San Diego via the existing Southwest Powerlink, rather than the newer Sunrise Powerlink currently under construction.

According to the resolution language:

“The line would undercut the investment that has already been made on the SWPL [Southwest Powerlink] Line and the Sunrise Powerlink. It would also deprive customers of the economic benefits of building the renewable generation in southern California. These lost benefits have been estimated at 15,000 lost U.S. jobs and $300 million in lost local, state and federal tax revenue.”

 “Preserving jobs during these tough economic times is a top priority, and this resolution will send the message that the loss of $4.5 million in human capital investment in Imperial County is not acceptable.” wrote Vargas, who has announced plans to run for Congress to fill the seat vacated by Bob Filner, who is running for mayor. The Congressional district includes southeast San Diego County as well as portions of Imperial County.

Building turbines in California could boost jobs locally, but could also face opposition from area residents, some of whom have voiced concerns over health impacts, noise, and other impacts of wind farms in East County.

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unWASHEdwalmaRtthONG September 14, 2011 at 5:02 pm

We’re going about this all wrong. First, have the Teaparty & the Minutmen start a major distraction to the West. Once the ruckus has begun, we have Homeland Security & the CIA & the RNC & the ASPCA start a war w/ Mexico, & during the war we build a border fence & wall two miles on the Mexican side of the border. Of course, we can have a contractor & a whole tanker full of sub-contractors build the fence & wage the war & over-charge the govorporation for the work, but that’s OK because the govorporation is dead, long live the govorporation. Once the dust settles, we will have two miles of land on our side. Then Sempra can use the same mercenaries & illegals to build the power plant & power transmission line. But first, we need someone to act in the place of Gen. Smedley Butler & write an essay laying out the rules & regulations of this process. Now, we need a name for this debacle. Something fitting for the thieves & politicians & rednecks & bigots who will be working in & around the project. How about “American Jobs for Americans.” We can import illegals from Middle America, from the slaughter houses, pay them low wages, non-union workers, of course.
The slogan can be, “If anyone can, American!” Wrap in the flag, stomp on the detractors, & let’s make some money.


dave rice September 14, 2011 at 9:30 pm

Hedley Lamar gives your proposition two thumbs up.


unWASHEdwalmaRtthONG September 16, 2011 at 11:49 am

Freeze pardner! Gitcher hans up!


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