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Gaston, his wife Melrose, and Maiah. (Photo by Judi Curry.)

Remember when I wrote this article about Gaston, our mail man. Here is the latest news about him:

His daughter, Maiah Gianna was born on March 22, 2011. She weighed in at 6.75 pounds and was tiny at 18″. The post office offers a “twelve week bonding period” to get to know your child. Gaston took that time off and in that time there were 5 days that I didn’t receive any mail what-so-ever. There were two days I received my neighbors mail and just yesterday I received her mail again.

Thank goodness there was a knock on the door today and there stood Gaston, his wife Melrose, and Maiah. He will return to his route on Monday, June 6th.

He thanks everyone that has been asking about him, Melrose and Maiah. Here’s a couple of pictures of the next mail carrier.



When I was young, many years ago,

There was one thing different, that I know.

Males were males, and proud of their conquests,

They even bragged about which girl was best.

They didn’t have hackers to blame,

Seldom did they have any shame.

They screwed the girl with a smile on their face,

And “nicked” their belts in the proper place.

No one said, “Is that a picture of you?”

And no one answered, “I don’t know if it’s true.”

Very few lied about their sexual encounters,

In fact, tally’s were kept for each of the “mounters.”

So why is it now, as I get older,

Men seem be getting bolder.

They think we won’t see through their lies,

And they are willing to blame the “other guys.”

Our ethics are changing, as each era goes by,

It’s easy to tell a lie.

Some are caught, and some are not,

It sure puts them in a hell of a spot.

Our society is sick, in a very bad way,

Economics, health care, and even what we say,

There are no hero’s left for youth to admire,

I hope it will not be so bad before I expire.

Somehow, someway, things must be changed,

Too many of us know someone deranged.

Start with the truth; honor your vows,

Look for the “where’s, why’s and hows.”

And support those that are ethical and true,

You might not ever know who is screwing you.

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Zach on the side June 15, 2011 at 3:06 am

Goodness, you talk as if men have gotten worse. Men have always been dogs! It’s just an era in which dogs can be digitally enhanced, so to speak.

Let there be no doubt – give a man an inch, and he’ll act as if it’s a foot! But as nothing really changes under the sun, that foot will usually end up in his mouth, for the amusement of women poets.

Where would the wisened krones be without fodder for their savory laments?


Judi Curry June 15, 2011 at 8:09 am

Hi Z. No, men haven’t gotten worse. Their “deeds” are still the same. It is the denying it happened; then admitting it happened is what bothers me. Then expecting everyone to just forget it. There are many stupid people out there and that is bothersome.

But….if you give a man an inch why does it always grow into 5-7 inches? If you ever come across the man who’s “foot” is big enough to put in his mouth, give me his phone number.

Love ya,


Frank Gormlie June 15, 2011 at 10:50 am

That’s a sad analysis, Zach, that “nothing really changes under the sun”. I think that this past half century, for example, there’s been mountains of changes in attitudes about sexuality, feminism, male chauvinism. I believe that the last two generations of men in this country have made great strides in caring for children, in intimate relations, and getting to the point of seeing men as nurturing beings. Just because every male (or female) didn’t come along for the ride, doesn’t mean it all didn’t happen.


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