“We Are One”- Join the Nationwide Day of Action and Solidarity – April 4th

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Events planned across the nation for April 4th, 2011. (Click on map to go to the national "We Are One" website.)

On April 4th, We Are One!

Join the Nationwide Day of Action and Solidarity

On April 4, 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in Memphis, where he had gone to stand with sanitation workers demanding their dream: The right to bargain collectively for a voice at work and a better life.

This April 4th, stand up for the principles Dr. King fought and died for – join the “We Are One” Nationwide Day of Action! Just as in Memphis in 1968, nurses, teachers, students, firefighters, small business owners, and all working people across the nation are standing together to make our country a better place for all working people and ensure we build the future our children deserve.

There are over one thousand events planned across the country so far.

Take a stand against attacks on workers’ rights and show your solidarity by joining an April 4th event in your area!


Candlelight Solidarity Vigil

6:30pm to 8pm at Civic Center Plaza – 1200 3rd Ave.

Contact Jerry at (619) 228-8101 for more information.

Here is the link to the national We Are One website –

There are April 4th events in these other areas of California sponsored by California’s Central Labor Councils:

Los Angeles:

Solidarity Action

5pm at First A.M.E. Church – 2270 S. Harvard Blvd.

Wisconsin Bratwurst Barbecue provided by IBEW 11 to follow

Contact Priscilla at (213) 276-3375 for more information.


March and Rally

5pm: Demonstration at Humboldt County Courthouse – 825 Fifth Street

March to the Labor Temple – 840 E Street

Contact Jim at (707) 498-3986 for more information.

Contra Costa/Napa/Solano/North Bay:

March Over the Zampa Bridge

11am to 1pm

On the Contra Costa side: meet at 20050 San Pablo Ave in Crockett

(shuttle bus available from 1333 Pine St in Martinez)

On the Napa/Solano side: meet at the pedestrian walkway entrace at Maritime Academy Drive in Vallejo (shuttle available from 404 Nebraska St in Vallejo)

Contact Tony in Contra Costa at (925) 228-0161 or Shirley in Napa/Solano at (707) 552-6601 for more information.

San Francisco:

March and Rally to End $$$ Greed

445pm: Meet at Bank of America – 555 California St

6pm: Rally at Federal Reserve Building – 101 Market St

Contact Amber at (415) 440-4809 for more information.


Solidarity Rally

11:30am to 1pm at Frank Ogawa Plaza – Clay St. between 14th and 15th

Contact Jean at (510) 499-2839 for more information.

Redwood City:

Labor-Community Solidarity Rally

5:45pm to 7pm at Courthouse Square – 2200 Broadway

Contact Julie at (650) 572-8848 for more information.

San Jose:

Solidarity Rally

5:30pm to 6:30pm at 100 Paseo de San Antonio

Call (408) 266-3790 for more information.

Santa Cruz:

Solidarity Rally

5pm at Santa Cruz County Building – 701 Ocean St.

Call (831) 422-4626 for more information.


Solidarity Rally

5pm at Salinas City Hall – 200 Lincoln Ave.

Call (831) 422-4626 for more information.


March and Screening of MLK’s “I Am a Man” Speech

5pm: Film screening at Cesar Chavez Plaza, 10th and J Streets

March to Federal Building – 5th and I Streets

Contact Zak at (916) 927-9772 for more information.


Solidarity March and Rally

4pm: Meet at Cesar Chavez Library – 605 N. El Dorado Street

6pm: Rally at City Hall – 425 N. El Dorado Street

Bring a used pair of work shoes to show solidarity.

Call (209) 948-5526 for more information.


Solidarity Rally

5pm at Veteran’s Park – 621 21st St (between 21st and 22nd on “M” St)

Contact Eddie at (209) 761-1377 for more information.


Solidarity Rally

5pm at Tenth Street Plaza

Contact Tony at (209) 648-6659 for more information.


Tour of the Attack on Working Families

4:30: Meet City Hall – 2600 Fresno St

5:30: Arrive at School District – 2309 Tulare St

5:45: Rally at County Building – 2220 Tulare St

Contact Randy at (559) 275-1151 or (559) 269-7882 for more information.


March for the Middle Class

5:15pm: Meet at Mooney Blvd Bridge over Hwy 198

Contact Adam at (559) 635-3735 for more information.


March for Workers’ Rights

5:30pm – 6:30pm: March from the Plaza at Rabobank Arena to the Liberty Bell

Wear red in unity.

Contact Donny at (661) 201-7465 for more information.


Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast

8am at IBEW 441 Hall – 309 N. Rampart St., Ste. M

Call (714) 385-1534 for more info and to RSVP.

Santa Ana:

Candlelight Vigil

6pm at Sasscer Park – corner of Ross St. and Santa Ana Blvd

Contact Joline at (714) 385-1534 for more information.

Voter Registration Drive (4/2)

9am at OCEA – 830 N. Ross St. Santa Ana

Contact Rob or call 714-385-1534 for more information.

San Bernardino:

Rally for America’s Workers

4pm to 6pm at 1631 E. Highland Ave, at Del Rosa

Contact Josh at (909) 825-7871 for more information.


To learn more and find events outside California, visit www.WE-R-1.org.



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tj April 4, 2011 at 9:04 am

“The right to bargain collectively for a voice at work and a better life”

The Wall Street Bankster & Corporate Executives response: you want a decent wage for your labor – that’s unacceptable. Only we, the Wall Street Banksters & Corporate Mgmt deserve a good wage. If we pay you a fair wage, that means less to go around for us (wrong, but it’s how they “think”).

So, we’ll lobby “your” politicians (elected with our campaign contributions) to pass legislation (like NAFTA, PNTR, etc) to send your job to the 3rd world, where they’re still willing to work for us, for near slave wages.

Take that, labor.


Joe Hill April 4, 2011 at 3:12 pm

The capitalists have organized globally, with huge corporations and many governments bought and paid for, and with more than 800 military bases worldwide (run by the U.S. government to provide “protection”).

The labor movement must also organize globally. National unions are obsolete and serve to allow wage “wars”. Buy union. Don’t buy “American” unless it is union.


Rick Ward aka mr.rick April 7, 2011 at 7:59 pm

I’m glad Joe Hill mentioned the 800 military bases we have around the world.The most important thing we can do at this time is to make sure the military is on our side (ala Egypt) when the corporations try to take over in a more substantial way. These idiots are gonna push and prod until some group, like teachers or cops ,someone essential to our well being, balks and some Republican Govenor calls in the Guard. As Scott Walker was fixing to do when he contemplated “Ringers” to stir up trouble in Wisconsin. Hopefully our President will back our side this time, not like Tricky Dick in the 70’s


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