Anna’s Video Pick – Ed Schultz in Madison Wisconsin

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What does democracy look like? Does it look like teachers, police, firefighters, librarians, nurses, the people who remove snow and trash, and social workers who have peacefully and in large numbers turned out to support the right of working and middle class people to participate in unions and in the collective bargaining process?

Or does democracy look like the billionaire Koch brothers and their minions who feel that billions are not enough and will by any means necessary eliminate a major force -organized labor- that obstructs them from effectively eradicating Democrats?

By all accounts Scott Walker was a moderate Republican. He did not campaign on eliminating collective bargaining. He was however bought off by the Koch brothers, who have their eyes on a much bigger prize. Koch Industries donated $43,000 to the gubernatorial campaign, and it is now pay back time. Koch Industries have a significant presence in Wisconsin, and they are all about eliminating environmental protections and reducing the workforce.

Scott Walker sold his soul to the company store by virtue of his corporate and health tax breaks and his decision to break the unions.

It remains to be seen whether Wisconsin and the rest of the country are “Clubbed for Growth.”

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Pat Herron February 21, 2011 at 8:05 pm

Daily Kos is also reporting that the Budget Bill isn’t “just” about busting unions. There is also a part in it that lets the governor privatize
Wisconsin PUBLIC utilities (i.e. sell them for pennies on the dollar to (you guessed it!) KOCH INDUSTRIES.) Title of article: The Koch Brothers, Endgame in Wisconsin


Frank Gormlie February 21, 2011 at 8:09 pm

Pat, thanks for pointing that out, yeah I had seen that. And it would benefit the billionaire Koch brothers’ industries.


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