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OB around town pj 8-15-10 014-ed-sm

Is the Wood Man on Ebers Street talking about Afghanistan or Ocean Beach? (All photos by Patty Jones.)

It was a slightly sunny Sunday when we captured these glimpses into Ocean Beach.  (Remember to click on the images for larger versions.)

OB around town pj 8-15-10 001-sm

Thee End of an era - as Thee Bungalow has its last weekend.

OB around town pj 8-15-10 005-ed-sm

The house that fire rebuilt on Abbott Street. Finally. Welcome back!

OB around town pj 8-15-10 011-ed-sm

Voter registration tension.

OB around town pj 8-15-10 009-sm

Equal time for lost pets.

OB around town pj 8-15-10 015-ed-sm

C'mon Richard, we know you ran for governor. Time to take down your signs!

OB around town pj 8-15-10 016-ed-sm

More pirates?

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just my 2 cents August 16, 2010 at 5:20 pm

those political sgns are all up n down hiway 5 and in the state capital as well…i have friends who have seen them that far away…


bodysurferbob August 16, 2010 at 6:50 pm

i love the wood man on ebers. he’s said some mighty things over the last couple of years, like “vote” during election time, “thanks” around Thanksgiving, and “hope” not too long ago.

and another thing, many politicians keep their signs up way into the post-season, but aguirre’s were made of wood – or some other hard material – and are nailed into telephone poles. c’mon richard – i used to like those concerts and beer at the masonic center and especially the marx brothers band – but take down your signs.


Sunshine August 17, 2010 at 8:23 am

the simple joys of walking around town seeing the various art work people display is a wonderful addition to OB and always a welcomed sight.


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