What Van Jones Said: “3 Problems that must be solved.”

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Editor: Our friend Hugh Moore, who attended the speech by Van Jones, sent us his notes on the content of the talk. It’s in a rough format but the substance cannot be ignored.

Three problems in the US today that have to be solved.

1. New economy must be created as the prior economy of borrow and no production has failed. Must create an economy based on production.

2. Cheap energy bubble has popped. Gas prices low today due to economy collapsed. Real problem is that China now growing and gas price will explode when the Chinese start demanding the life style we enjoy today since oil is limited. Must end dependence on oil and coal as continuing dependence is not practical due to limit on supply of both oil and coal.

3. This much economic stress then add ethnic unrest people will always turn to each other or turn on each other. Melting pot American miracle is in jeopardy due to huge diversity pushed against huge economic stressors.

Answer: Green jobs producing wind turbines and solar panels and retro fit of current homes and buildings to increase energy efficiency. New poor (people who have lost jobs due to collapse of no production economy) need jobs, old poor still want job opportunities,

Wind turbines, very high tech needs high skill workers, solar panels must be produced then install.

Retrofit buildings

“Tidal wave of innovation” is needed in order to fix problems and that tidal wave can only happen by legislation removing current rules blocking innovation (ie: oil company subsidies, gov. support/protection of current power production methods) then the free market can fix the problem.

This solution makes dems and repubs happy, no welfare just more work for repubs. More jobs clean air, conserve energy, moral obligation to fix economy for dems. Energy problem and ecology problem effects all therefore everyone must come together to fix.

Must reach out to left and right but both sides will fight against this. Must come to a deeper patriotism, liberty and justice for all. Deeper love of country and rights of everyone.

The whole lecture was directed to the college students as being the challenges they will have to overcome in order to prevent collapse of current government due to the pressures leading to economic and ecologic instability.

My notes do not indicate the humor present in the talk or the uplifting nature of the lecture.

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OB Joe May 12, 2010 at 7:58 pm

Hugh, thanks for your notes. They were helpful in understanding his views and why he is so much in demand.


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