The OB Hippie House Dedicates a Peace Pole

December 23, 2013 by Judi Curry

On December 21, 2013 at 9:11am, the Time & Day of the Winter Solstice

2013-12-21-Liquid-Blue-Band-House-Peace-Garden-002By Judi Curry

To call this beautiful remodeled house on the south side of Ocean Beach a “hippie house” truly does it an injustice. The new owner – Scott – has put a great deal of money into the house to make it liveable, and the fact that it is not the “normal” Pt. Loma residence is incidental. But….it is gaining fame, even though Scott and his significant other Layla, have just recently moved in.

First of all the views are spectacular. The scenery changes from minute to minute. What were high waves an hour ago are small little ripples now; the pelicans fly over going both north and south. The surfers are not there today – waiting the 72 hours after the rain – before dotting the scenery with their black wetsuits and multicolored surfboards. So why were we there this morning, braving the cold and wind, standing outside looking at a pole set in concrete , albeit in a beautiful design?

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The Thought of David Alvarez as Mayor…

December 23, 2013 by Frank Gormlie

David Alvarez…Has More Than Him Smiling

By Ernie McCray

It was like walking in on a “Who’s Got the Sunniest Smile” Contest as the room in this “David Alvarez for Mayor” gathering, was full of them. I joined right in with my ages old grin.

My smile shone brightly because David is an answer to a dream of what a San Diego mayor should be like that I first conceived when I moved to town in late August of ’62. I was barely a few months over 24 years old, ready to change the world for the betterment of all humankind. For most of the years since then, my dream of a mayor like David has seemed just like that: a dream.

I mean when I showed up on the local scene I thought I had escaped the small-minded non-progressive kind of thinking I had been subjected to growing up in Tucson. That notion changed when I turned my TV on and saw two men, Frank Curran who would later become mayor and Allen Hitch who wanted so much to be the mayor.

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Merry Christmas, Sex Pistols Style

December 23, 2013 by Jim Miller

sexpistols huddersfieldBy Jim Miller

Every holiday season one of my favorite tasks is collecting and delivering all the toys donated by my union brothers and sisters in the American Federation of Teachers to the Labor Council office for the annual toy drive. My union, along with many other San Diego locals who participate in this annual ritual, do so in order to help out the families of unemployed workers struggling during the holiday season.

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More From the Widder Curry on the “Hippie House” of Sunset Cliffs

December 19, 2013 by Judi Curry
Thumbnail image for More From the Widder Curry on the “Hippie House” of Sunset Cliffs

Scott Stephens, the owner of the “Hippie House” on Sunset Cliffs and Adair told me today that he has had over 100 people stop and talk to him about the beautiful designs on his wall.

Everyone that has stopped has been enthralled with the designs, the layout, and the landscaping being done. After all, the house has been a rental for years and not in very good condition.

He, along with his significant other Layla, talked over the designs they wanted for their landscaping – native garden; peace poles; murals, etc., and worked with artist Adelaide Marcus in putting their ideas in motion.

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Have You Ever Wondered How Rumors Get Started?

December 11, 2013 by Judi Curry
Thumbnail image for Have You Ever Wondered How Rumors Get Started?

The New “Hippie House” of Sunset Cliffs

Have you taken a walk along the south part of Ocean Beach lately?

Have you walked along Sunset Cliffs and Adair and wondered if you had stepped into a time capsule and were transported back to the 1960’s?

Have you ever said to yourself – or out loud – I wish I were living in the days of the Beatles, Mario Savio, Angela Davis, or Samuel I Hayakawa?

Well, my friends, hold on to your roach clip, because you may be taking that trip into that tunnel as this is being written. Is this going to be the new maryjane house of Ocean Beach?

Oh my goodness! Is this house going to give the Kodiak a run for it’s money?

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South Africa’s Role in My Evolution as an Educator

December 11, 2013 by Ernie McCray

As I reflect on Mandela’s passing I’m reminded of how the struggle of his people has played an important role in my development as an educator, starting back in ’57 or ’58 before I had taken my first “How to Teach” course at the University of Arizona.

At the time I was writing a research paper and found some essays on South Africa and the word “apartheid” leapt off the pages at me and I discovered that my struggle in Southern Arizona was so similar to what blacks were going through in the southern tip of the Dark Continent.

Of course, apartheid was more brutal. I didn’t have enough time to dwell on the subject so I just tucked my new found information away and got back to a life of pop quizzes and mid-terms and the like.

But, I didn’t know how much I had internalized what I had learned until the next year when I was in a class listening to a glowing lecture on South Africa that highlighted the country’s sparkling beaches and stunning countryside and rugged mountains and rich resources.

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There’s No Fool Like an Old Fool: The Final Chapter – Not!

December 10, 2013 by Judi Curry

Instead of finding love, many online daters are left deceived and heartbroken. The FBI’s San Diego branch stated it deals with more than 1,000 “Catfishing” cases a month. Here’s a candid account of one such scam.
1765667By Judi Curry

For months I have been experimenting with “on-line” dating. As each of the paid sites have finished, I have not renewed my membership. However, there are two dating sites that I still frequent, because there is no money needed for membership. I want to talk specifically about OK Cupid.

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On Black Friday: I Would Prefer Not To

December 2, 2013 by Jim Miller

walmartBy Jim Miller

As the Salon story reposted here on Black Friday noted there were about 1,500 protests around the country on our annual day of consumer madness mostly designed to shine a light on the horrendous corporate practices of Walmart, America’s beloved externalizing machine. While Walmart’s propaganda insists that the company is a provider of good jobs and many benefits to our communities, the facts suggest otherwise.

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What You Don’t Know About Me (As If You Cared)

November 25, 2013 by Frank Gormlie

By Ernie McCray

Shannon and Me in 1983

I like facebook. For me it’s been a nice way to get snippets, sometimes daily, of what’s going on in the lives of both new and old friends: students of mine from over time, some of my children and grandchildren, ex-colleagues, fellow actors and writers and activists – interesting people all.

Occasionally one of them will suggest a game for me to play and I usually don’t take part in such online activities because it’s too easy to spend too much time on social media without the temptation of getting involved in diversionary attractions of any kind.

But lately …

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Redemption Time: Alvarez Beats the Odds and Keeps Hope Alive

November 25, 2013 by Jim Miller

Alvarez megaphone

By Jim Miller

Last Tuesday, fortune favored the bold. David Alvarez defied the pundits and political insiders and beat the prohibitive favorite, Nathan Fletcher, in the race to face Kevin Faulconer in the run-off to be San Diego’s next mayor. This was a seminal moment for San Diego—perhaps the biggest political upset in history of the city.

It just wasn’t supposed to happen.

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How the Kennedy Tragedy Made Me a Better Teacher

November 22, 2013 by Ernie McCray

Kennedy AF1

By Ernie McCray

On November 22, 1963, I was a twenty-five year old sixth grade teacher enjoying my second year serving students at Perry Elementary. Before recess that day we had gotten the news that the president was shot.

The radio in our classroom verified what we had heard with the words “President John Fitzgerald Kennedy is dead.”

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Restaurant Review: “Pure Thai” in Point Loma

November 20, 2013 by Judi Curry
Thumbnail image for Restaurant Review:  “Pure Thai” in Point Loma

“Pure Thai”
3704 Voltaire St.
San Diego, CA 92107

So many people have recommended the restaurant “Pure Thai” to me in the past few weeks that I can’t begin to tell you how many there were. People that were upset with my review of another Thai restaurant in the Pt. Loma/Ocean Beach area have actually called and asked me to do a review of this new restaurant. Before I do that, I would like to have you read what the owner of the restaurant has posted on his own web page:

“Pure Thai is a new Thai restaurant in Point Loma that was founded on the dream of Apisith Dischan, who grew up in a family that is accustomed to Thai food. His Father was a manager of Food and Beverage for over 30 years at the 5 star Dusit Thani Hotel in Bangkok. His mother also owned a Thai restaurant in Bangkok. He started cooking as an apprentice cook helper for his mom.

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Restaurant Review : “Solare” at Liberty Station in Point Loma

November 15, 2013 by Judi Curry
Thumbnail image for Restaurant Review : “Solare” at Liberty Station in Point Loma

Liberty Station
2820 Roosevelt Rd.,
San Diego, CA 92106
Phone: 619-270-9670

When a person is given a clean bill of health after months of severe pain, worry, and surgery, the time is ripe to celebrate that freedom, and Mary and I did just that the other night. There were many different restaurants that we could choose from, but the noise level on all of them was just not conducive to a celebratory meal. (Why do restaurants have to be so noisy nowadays? .

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New Restaurant Coming in on Point Loma Avenue in South Ocean Beach

November 12, 2013 by Judi Curry
Thumbnail image for New Restaurant Coming in on Point Loma Avenue in South Ocean Beach

Earlier this week I received a notice from the ABC of a “notice of intention to engage in the sale of alcoholic beverages” in the same building that the VFW wanted to move into last year. This is the building at 4705 Point Loma Avenue. Before jumping to conclusions as to what was going to move in I decided to do some preliminary sleuthing and am pleased that I did.

Many of us remember when that building originally housed “Sea and Shore Market.”

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Fletcher Floundering, Alvarez Ascending, and Other Tales of Fear and Loathing from the Campaign Trail

November 11, 2013 by Jim Miller

By Jim Miller

alvarez jim 1This just in: it appears that Nathan Fletcher’s claims of inevitability have evaporated as the race to meet Kevin Faulconer in the run off is a dead heat leaning Alvarez heading into the last week. The internal polling in all three camps shows Faulconer having consolidated the Republican vote as Fletcher’s early name ID-fueled lead has collapsed, and Alvarez has continued to steadily trend upwards.

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Restaurant Review: Fiddler’s Green in Point Loma

November 11, 2013 by Judi Curry
Thumbnail image for Restaurant Review: Fiddler’s Green in Point Loma

Fiddler’s Green
2760 Shelter Island Dr.
San Diego, CA 92106

Jim, a friend of mine that lives in Oceanside, has done several reviews of restaurants with me in the past. For the past month or so we have tried to get together but something has always happened to thwart our plans. This evening we were successful and went to Fiddler’s Green, near the entrance to Shelter Island in Point Loma.

It has been many years since I have been to the Fiddler’s Green. It used to be a favorite place of my deceased husband because the owner liked to fish and he and Bob exchanged “fish tales” for many minutes. Since they are not open for lunch Jim and I decided to try the restaurant at its opening of 5:00pm. I had remembered that they had an early bird special – which they still have – as long as you ordered before 6:00pm.

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Restaurant Review: Supannee House of Thai in Point Loma

October 25, 2013 by Judi Curry
Thumbnail image for Restaurant Review:  Supannee House of Thai in Point Loma

2907 Shelter Island Drive, Suite #110
San Diego, CA 92106

While attending a recent “meet and greet” for one of the mayoral candidates (David Alvarez), I spoke to a young couple who recognized my name as a restaurant reviewer for the OB Rag. They asked if I had reviewed the “Supannee House of Thai”. It is one of their favorite restaurants and return often for their authentic Thai food. I had not been there yet, even though it was one of the places I had flagged to try at a later time.

The following day I called my friend Eric and asked him if he would like to join me in reviewing the restaurant. He had gone with me when I reviewed another local Thai food restaurant and I felt that he complimented my tastes and likes and would do the same thing at the Supannee.

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Update – Ft. Rosecrans Cemetery

October 24, 2013 by Judi Curry
Thumbnail image for Update – Ft. Rosecrans Cemetery

by Judi Curry / October 23, 2013

It appears that progress is being made at the cemetery. Slowly, in the areas I checked out, but some of the areas of the cemetery that were behind green fences are now sporting beautiful green grass. This is at the most northern part of the cemetery on the east side of the road and snaking down to the bay-side where there are benches to sit on while looking over the San Diego Bay and listening to the cry of the seals.

There was evidence of men working on cleaning the monuments; men were moving the flat markers from the “curb” to the headstones; grading was taking place close to the road on the inside of the eastern part of the cemetery and sod is due to be laid beginning next week.

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Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood

October 24, 2013 by Ernie McCray

Nina SimoneBy Ernie McCray

I’m not, necessarily, one for seeing movies or plays or other things that are staged more than once unless there’s something really special about it. That being said I can’t wait to take in my friend Calvin Manson’s wonderfully soulful musical “Don’t Let me Be Misunderstood” again.

I highly recommend this beautifully crafted piece of theater because it’s so personal to me. It features the songs of one of my show-people-heroes, Nina Simone. This inimitable singer and pianist not only dazzled the world with her sultry sincere soulful voice but she also, at the same time, actively pursued dreams of that world being one where all people live in freedom. With dignity. Like Robeson and Belafonte. That kind of service to humanity resonates deeply within me.

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Restaurant Review : “Bo-beau” in Ocean Beach

October 18, 2013 by Judi Curry
Thumbnail image for Restaurant Review : “Bo-beau” in Ocean Beach

4996 W. Point Loma Ave.
Ocean Beach, CA 92107

When I do a restaurant review, I try to stay within a certain price range , primarily because I live on a limited income. I had heard that the food at “Bo-Beau” was very good, but was also told it was quite pricey. I am happy to say that the food WAS very good, and although more than I usually spend on a meal, was not that pricey compared to other restaurants of its quality.

My friend Mary had asked to take me out for dinner – we were in a celebratory mood -, and since we were coming back to Ocean Beach via La Jolla, we decided to go to Bo-beau kitchen and bar, as she had told me many times it was one of her favorites.

Because we were early – not quite 5:00pm, we were seated immediately. We were taken to the patio at first, but the wind was picking up and we decided to eat inside. We picked the only table that had an air vent overhead, and soon we were both very cold from the air conditioner. We asked our waiter – Orion – named after the “hunter” if we could change seats, but he said he would turn off the air – which he did, and we were very comfortable staying where we were.

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San Diego’s Mayor Race: Are Dems Who Support David Alvarez Akin to a “Tea Party of the Left” or More Like New Yorkers Who Support De Blasio ?

October 14, 2013 by Jim Miller
Thumbnail image for San Diego’s Mayor Race: Are Dems Who Support David Alvarez Akin to a “Tea Party of the Left” or More Like New Yorkers Who Support De Blasio ?

By Jim Miller

After my last column on the perils of Carl Luna’s characterization of progressives supporting Democratic mayoral candidate David Alvarez as the “Tea Party of the Left” I got a response from Luna.

In his comment to my article posted at the OB Rag, he stood by his analogy “that those in the Democratic camp who hold that there are ‘true’ progressives (aka those they agree with) and DINOS are in danger of going down the Tea Party rabbit hole—like the Occupy Wall Street people run wild. (Except that Tea Party has 90 seats in Congress—OWS zero).”

This was prefaced by a reminder that, “the point of elections is to win.”

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Boy Scouts of America: Be Prepared to Find a Way to Care

October 10, 2013 by Ernie McCray
Thumbnail image for Boy Scouts of America: Be Prepared to Find a Way to Care

“Scouting for All Rally” in Front of Boy Scouts Headquarters, 1207 Upas St. at 11:00 on 10/13/13

By Ernie McCray

Oh, if the Boy Scouts of America
could just begin to understand
how much better the quality of life
could be in this land
if they would just completely
put aside their homophobe-ary
and recognize the humanity
of folks who are LGBT,
folks who add to and enrich our diversity -
if they would just embrace all of them,
even those who are older than eighteen,
the age at which gay boys can still be dismissed
as no longer being worthy of boy scout membership.
It’s way past time they
began treating
all human beings with respect
and decency.

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Sex In San Diego: ‘Revenge Porn’ Outlawed in California as Governor Signs Bill

October 10, 2013 by Source

The anti-revenge porn bill makes it illegal to post naked pics of someone else without their consent.

By Jodie Gummow / Alternet


Exes beware! Before you think about posting naked pics of your former lover following a bitter breakup, you better think twice…

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Taking Drugs at the League of Women Voters Meeting

October 8, 2013 by Judi Curry
Thumbnail image for Taking Drugs at the League of Women Voters Meeting

Topic – “How Safe Are Your Prescription Drugs and Medical Devices?

The Pt. Loma/Ocean Beach LWV held their second meeting Monday, October 7th at the Pt. Loma Library. The topic, which should be of interest to anyone taking prescription drugs, had a very small turnout. Perhaps it was the time change – 1:00pm instead of the regular meeting at 10:00am, but those of us in the audience heard from two panel speakers – Jean Willson and Shirley Walkoe – and the chair of the group, Nancy Witt.

A short DVD was shown re: the FDA and their responsibilities, and then 14 questions were addressed by Jean and Shirley. It was interesting to find out that Jean was a family doctor, practicing primarily in rural Iowa before practicing in Arizona and retiring. A female doctor in the1950’s was a rarity, and many males refused to see her unless they were very ill or injured.

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For Fletcher, History is the Narrative that Hurts

October 7, 2013 by Jim Miller

confusedBy Jim Miller

To the surprise of many over the last couple of weeks, San Diego’s Labor Council, the San Diego Democratic Party, San Diego Democrats for Equality, Progressive San Diego, the Environmental Health and Justice Campaign, and a host of other local progressives have all lined up to endorse David Alvarez for Mayor.

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Which is Worse – Holiday Catalogs or Requests for Monies to Fight the GOP House?

October 1, 2013 by Judi Curry
Thumbnail image for Which is Worse – Holiday Catalogs or Requests for Monies to Fight the GOP House?

By Judi Curry

Several years ago, when first receiving holiday catalogs, I kept all of them to see how many I was sent in the six months prior to the actual holidays.  As I recall, it was over 160 and I felt sorry for my mail person who had to schlep all the catalogs from house to house for months. Since I am not a shopper, I never looked at those catalogs and finally threw them in my recycle bin just before the holidays.

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PRIVACY? What Privacy?

September 30, 2013 by Judi Curry


By Judi Curry

Do you really think that you have privacy in your everyday doings? Do you really believe that no one knows when you are doing something you shouldn’t be doing? Do you really think that the good deeds you are doing are not noticed by someone? Do you have any awareness of just how “unprivate” your life is? Not only is “big brother” watching you, but so are his sisters and brothers, and it is a little unnerving.

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Local Author Mel Freilicher Reads from his New “Encyclopedia of Rebels”

September 30, 2013 by Jim Miller

Wednesday, October 2nd at 7pm at DG Wills Book Store
Encyclopedia of Rebels cover hi resBy Jim Miller

San Diego City Works Press is proud to announce the publication of The Encyclopedia of Rebels by local author and UCSD writing teacher, Mel Freilicher. The book plays with the intersections between history, fiction, memoir, fantasy, and mystery. As Pulitzer Prize winning poet Rae Armantrout puts it, “You could call this both an outrageous comedy and a credible look at the world we live in.”

Mel Freilicher will read from his new book this Wednesday, October 2nd, at 7 PM at D.G. Wills Book Store at 7461 Girard Ave in La Jolla as part of the San Diego City College International Book Fair.

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Business Review: Beach Community Acupuncture

September 27, 2013 by Judi Curry
Thumbnail image for Business Review: Beach Community Acupuncture

“Beach Community Acupuncture”
4993 Niagara Ave., Suite 206,
Ocean Beach, CA 92107

What does a porcupine, a pin cushion and a needle have in common?

That’s a pretty simple question. Of course you know the answer. But here is another question for you: What does a native of Maryland, a degree in English literature, and working in a non-profit domestic violence agency have in common? You don’t know the answer? Let me give you a hint by asking another question.

What does a Master’s fellowship in documentary film making, a developmental director for, and the Managing Director of “Baykids” have in common? A hint about “Baykids.” This is a group of hospitalized kids learning to express themselves through movie making. Does that help?

Hmmm. Well, how about a brief stint in Peace Corps in Vanuatu, Melanesia, a former pet care business owner or the mother of two. Does that help any?

Geez – maybe this will help. A Masters degree in Chinese Medicine; passage of the California acupuncture board exam in 2009, and the sole practitioner of the “Beach Community Acupuncture”.

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Sex in San Diego: Asexuality 101 — The invisible orientation

September 26, 2013 by Source
Thumbnail image for Sex in San Diego: Asexuality 101 —  The invisible orientation

By ApostleOfCarlin / Daily Kos

I’ll come out of my closet and state up front that this is a topic close to my heart, because I am asexual. No, I don’t reproduce through mitosis. I simply don’t experience sexual attraction to the same sex or to the opposite sex.

I have not spotted much in the way of discussion … on asexuality, though I’m glad to see there’s a lot of support here for the LGBT* community in general. I thought I’d be helpful and post a little introduction to asexuality, also known as the Fourth Orientation.

Unless you live in a cave, I’ll assume you’re familiar with heterosexuality, homosexuality and bisexuality, characterized as attraction to the opposite sex, the same sex, and both sexes respectively.

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