Reader Rave: A Proposal for the Redevelopment of the Ocean Beach Pier

by on June 13, 2023 · 4 comments

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By Michael J. Pallamary, PLS

We have an opportunity to make the OB Pier a world-class destination that will attract locals and visitors alike!

The design I have proposed will divide the pier into two primary segments. This concept will create two unique areas, one for fishing and the other for folks to sit and enjoy the ambiance of the water and Ocean Beach.

All too often, the pier can get busy when children and older adults comingle with fishing activities. People often visit the pier because they enjoy the views of the beach and shoreline and too spend time with each other. By installing an array of benches, (a good fundraising opportunity) folks can relax without the fear of hooks or fishing lines interfering with their relaxation.

This design will accommodate a restaurant at the end of the pier, elevated to be secure above the onslaught of waves. Raising the end of the pier will allow for a gravity flow sewer system back to the mainland. Restrooms can be placed at the entry to the pier where the surface can accommodate public art. The dual pier system will also add  structural integrity to the design with cross bracing, assuring the structure will withstand heavy wave action.

The conceptual design can be modified to an oval shape creating an aesthetically pleasing configuration that can also be lit at night, creating public art. An open- aired dining area can be built at the end of the pier, adjacent to the restaurant, assuring diners they can enjoy their drinks and meals without interference from anglers and others. The “T” shape will allow visitors to fish and relax at the end of the pier.

Let’s make the pier a world-class destination and a favored spot for San Diegans!

Design by Michael Pallamary. (Glitches in lines due to Rag reproduction.)

Michael Pallamary can be reached at: WWW.PALLAMARYANDASSOCIATES.COM


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Geoff Page June 13, 2023 at 11:48 am

Interesting ideas. That’s what we need now, interesting and creative ideas for the new pier.


Richard June 14, 2023 at 5:57 pm

Ok. I want to sit looking south. Why all fishing, south T. Why segregated?
Are you paying for the extra work ? OB rarely needs more visitors. People don’t visit in winter. It’s awfully LA
I find an extensive approach here. Planning boards, lawsuits, coastal etc.
I’m all for smart eco design. Backflow? Was that an issue ?

I really want marbles imbedded to catch the sun & create magic.
I don’t fish. I’m not boarding.

I’d be happy they move the seating back to the other side. We want to look out south – sometimes.

There’s a song lyric, It’s all a dream we dreamed one afternoon…. It’ll be long ago before anything is ever decided. I mean funded.

Separated ?
-Local. I miss the pier.


kh June 16, 2023 at 3:29 pm

Some good ideas here. I like the idea of having fishing areas more clearly identified. This could be outcroppings at regular intervals. Obviously fisherman like to spread out, and may favor different sides of the pier depending on currents.

Retail at the very end is a long walk even on nice weather days. The location now, if not closer, is more ideal. I would increase retail space, and cluster it on both sides at 1-story, maybe with some rooftop seating, so as to not wall off too much length of the view from shore. Could also include some flexible retail space that can be reserved on a short term basis.

Sloping the pier for drainage isn’t really necessary, because it’s probably going to need a pump station regardless.


Geoff Page June 17, 2023 at 11:58 am

That’s the kind of thinking the designers are looking for now. Anyone with ideas should comment on-line. A lot of ideas are similar so they will be winnowing the ideas down to ones mentioned the most. If anyone has a preference they should try to make a comment.


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