San Diego’s Styrofoam Ban in Effect

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The city of San Diego’s ban on styrofoam went into place this past weekend. This styrofoam ban includes food containers that most restaurants use for take-out orders and utensils, egg cartons, and even meat trays.

It’s the city’s single-use plastic reduction ordinance going into effect. The law was delayed for 3-4 years by lawsuits from California grocers.

Retail stores can no longer sell these products, and residents can’t use them at city parks or beaches.

Businesses bringing in less than $500,000 a year have an extra year to comply. Plus businesses hard hit financially can apply for exemptions.

This law comes after supporters of the ban have proved that foam products poison marine life and damage the health of people who eat seafood.

The California Grocers Association — who delayed the bill’s enactment — warns that the new law will sharply raise local meat prices and reduce availability.

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