The Future of ChatGPT and Other Artificial Intelligence Tools at Pt Loma Nazarene

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By Katie Morris / / Feb. 8, 2023

In Jan. 2023, Sciences Po, one of France’s top universities, sent an email addressed to all students and faculty announcing the ban on the use of ChatGPT and all other Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based tools.

Using machine learning to generate human-sounding responses, ChatGPT interacts with users conversationally and will provide a detailed response when given instructions via a prompt. It can write code and essays, solve math problems and has passed exams from U.S. law and business schools.

ChatGPT is trained on a diverse range of websites, books and text data obtained from the internet, yet there are currently no federal laws that regulate the use of personal data when training machine-learning models in the U.S.

Universities and schools throughout the globe have taken similar steps to Sciences Po since the online chatbot, created by AI developer OpenAI, was launched in Nov. 2022. The online chatbot is now banned out of plagiarism and misinformation concerns in jurisdictions throughout Australia, Bangalore’s RV University, New York City Public Schools, Seattle Public Schools and Los Angeles Unified School District.

Point Loma Nazarene University’s various departments have had discussions on ChatGPT’s effects on teaching and learning and share news updates on AI-based tools internally. However, the university has not released official school-wide guidelines on the usage of the online chatbot and other AI-based tools in classrooms.

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