What Was Going On in Ocean Beach a Decade Ago — In December 2012?

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The end of the year always summons retrospectives from media pundits and columnists. So, not to be left behind, I decided to share posts and stories of OB from a decade ago, 10 years – from December of 2012 — that were published in the OB Rag. Some of them are amazing.

Let’s start with that first week. (Links are provided.)

OB Pier Closed Due to High SurfDecember 1, 2012

Wham bam, thank you, ma’m! The OB Pier in Ocean Beach closed today – Saturday – the 1st of December – due to the high surf. San Diego Lifeguard Lt. Nick Lerma told NBC 7 that, due to high tides, the OB Pier would likely remained closed until about 1 p.m. Saturday as a safety precaution.

Point Loma Navy Dolphins to be Replaced by Underwater Drones

Did you know that over on the bay side of Point Loma, at the Naval station at Ballast Point – where they keep the nuclear subs – the Navy has been quietly training dolphins and sea lions for underwater duty.  This includes finding mines and detecting invading swimmers. The Navy has been using dolphins like this since at least the mid-Seventies when the sea-going mammals were housed out near the Point Loma Lighthouse. But now, the dolphins will be replaced by underwater “drones” – small, unmanned sub-like computers.

The Ocean Beach Christmas Parade of 2012 and Photo GalleryDecember 3,2012

Pacific Beach Marshlands Seeks to Reclaim Natural Topography. — December 4, 2012

In the northwest corner of east Mission Bay, The Friends of Mission Bay Marshes, organized by Roy Little, local PB resident, and Isabelle Kay, UCSD Marsh Manager, along with UCSD students and environmental volunteers, are meeting every other week to continue their ongoing projects of : re-establishing native plants and removing non-native invasive ones, reclaiming natural slopes of the land to help re-establish water flow to bring essential sediment and nutrients to the starved marsh, and nurturing endangered bird species.

OB Planning Board to Consider Lifeguard Memorial SculptureWed., Dec. 5th

At their regular meeting this Wednesday, December 5th, the Ocean Beach Planning Board will take up the issue of the bronze memorial lifeguard sculpture planned for OB’s waterfront.

Owner of West Point Loma Property Withdraws Appeal of OB Planning Board Denial of McMansionDecember 5, 2012

It appears that the applicant of a residence on West Point Loma Boulevard has withdrawn its appeal of a denial for variances by the Ocean Beach Planning Board.  The applicant of the Douma residence at 5168 West Point Loma notified the City Clerk that it is taking its appeal off the docket for the San Diego Planning Commission; the project will now fall back to city staff.

Mission Bay “Zombie Attack” Paid with Homeland Security Funds Questioned as ‘Excessive’December 6, 2012

On Halloween this year, over in Mission Bay, there was a staged “Zombie Attack” as part of a simulated combat-type event and paid with Homeland Security funds.  Now that event – and other expenses from the Homeland Security bank account around the country – are being questioned and criticized as excessive.

Gas prices 10 years ago. 2012

California Gasoline Prices go Haywire, May Have Been Subject to Collusion – December 6, 2012

Data suggests that price spikes in May and October may have been the result of market manipulation and not supply shortages.

6 Toys that would make a progressive parent’s head explode.December 7, 2012

A “McJob” play set? Makeup for babies? If you, your siblings, or your close friends have children, you know that the holidays often involve toy shopping. And if you’re a progressive, you know that a trip to the toy store can be very depressing indeed.


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Perhaps a more apt description is ‘what was going on in the pages of the OB Rag 10 years ago.’


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