OB Planners Meet Tonight, Wed., Nov.2 – Live – to Consider Rejection of Narragansett ADU for Exceeding Floor-Area-Ratio

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in Ocean Beach

The Ocean Beach Planning Board meets tonight — live — Wednesday, Nov. 2, at the OB Recreation Center at 4726 Santa Monica Avenue, 6 pm.

5018 Narragansett

The only project up for review is a permit for 5018 Narragansett. This is an application for a Process 3 Coastal Development Permit for the construction of a 453 square foot accessory dwelling unit (ADU or “granny flat”) above an existing 2-car garage.

When the Project Review Committee met on the project, they voted 3 to 0 to recommend to the full board that the project be rejected because it exceeded the floor-area-ratio (FAR) by 400 square feet, plus the ADU allowance is not allowed in the Coastal Zone, which is where the property is located.

This property has recent history in front of the Board. On Feb 6, 2019, the Board “easily approved” by 11 to 0 the owner’s application for a process 3 CDP for the demolition and remodel of 2 single-story units and the addition of a second story on each unit, with plans for roof decks and 4 parking spaces in a 2-car garage and tandem spaces. It’s to be a 2-bedroom residences. The owner promised to be living in one and rent out the other as a long-term rental. There didn’t appear to be any outstanding issues.

(The photos of the property are from Google Maps at this writing and cannot be verified to be the current appearance of the lot.) However, in a comparison between the 2 aerial Google Map images, the trees on the west side of  the property appear to be gone. And it looks from this untrained observer that there are new roofs.

Left image: Aerial photo of property, copied from Google Maps 11/2/22.

Right image: Aerial shot from Google Maps circa 2019.



Other Agenda Items

Also on the agenda is a review and consideration of supporting a letter from the Mission Bay Parks Committee in asking Mayor Gloria to address the crime at the City’s parks and libraries.

The Board will also vote on whether to participate in the OB Holiday Parade with a float. Finally the Board will continue its discussion on FY2024 budget requests.

Here is the official agenda:

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