‘Environmental Group’ Sues City to Block Work on Replacement of Ocean Beach Pier

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Incredibly, an animal rescue group that calls itself “environmental” is suing the City of San Diego to block work on the replacement of the OB Pier. What?

That’s right. The suit, filed Tuesday, November 15, by the Animal Protection and Rescue League, claims the initial work is proceeding without proper environmental review.

According to the suit, the group is trying to halt an $8 million contract awarded to consulting firm Moffatt & Nichol for work to get the Ocean Beach Pier Replacement Project to “shovel ready condition.”

The lawsuit describes this initial work as a “feasibility or planning study for possible future actions,” but actually involves drilling, boring, sand excavation and other changes to the area surrounding the 56-year-old pier before the potential environmental effects have been considered.

The suit seeks an injunction preventing that work from going forward until it can be deemed compliant with the California Environmental Quality Act. Construction to replace the deteriorating pier is expected to begin by 2026. In a report from Moffat & Nichol that was released publicly last year, the firm concluded the pier “has reached the end of its service life” and required “corrective action” to prevent further degradation.  KPBS

Bryan Pease, the chair of the rescue group and its attorney, issued a statement, which said in part:

“While disguised as merely a `study,’ the contract approved by the city involves auger boring, drilling, sand excavation, and other invasive activities that will also cause fumes and noise pollution in Ocean Beach, without any environmental review.”

The OB Rag was, in fact, the first news outlet to report that the beloved pier, called the San Diego Municipal Pier, had reached the end of its service life.

Pease is known in certain circles of local politics. He ran against incumbent Lori Zapf in the 2018 Primary but lost to Jen Campbell. Pease also just filed another suit last week against the San Diego City Council alleging it was violating the First Amendment rights of citizens with a policy barring certain public comments at council meetings.

He appears to use the non-profit animal rescue group as his client in wielding lawsuits against governmental entities over a wide variety of issues. And Pease is also known to be a camera glam over public issues. Is he genuinely concerned about the environment around the deteriorating OB Pier or is he out to (continue) to make a name for himself?



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