Donna Frye vs Jen Campbell on Measure ‘C’

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in Ocean Beach

Here are examples of the stark differences between Donna Frye, former San Diego councilwoman, and current District 2 councilwoman, Jen Campbell, regarding Measure C on the November ballot.

At an October 20, 2022 Peninsula Community Planning Board meeting, Campbell stated the following:

(Measure C) is very important because it concentrates on housing… making new transportation routes so that all that traffic jam going home, coming into Point Loma, is gone and fixed.

We need to have parks there and we desperately need a new sports entertainment arena, and so, with all of that starting on the 48 acres that the City can lease, next we have 900 more acres around it.

And hopefully the people who have property in the Midway area will get the hint that they need to spread their wings, do new things, build new housing, build new neighborhoods…”

In today’s San Diego Union-Tribune’s Letters to the Editor, Donna Frye wrote:

Actually, Midway area sounds ‘coastal’ to me

Measure C doesn’t do what the voters are being led to believe.

It will not necessarily add 2,000 affordable housing units and 20 acres of public parks because none of that is included in the ballot measure text.

Measure C removes the 30-foot, voter-approved height limit to allow for high-rise development in the Midway-Pacific Highway area of the Coastal Zone.

Measure C does not correct an “error in judgment” on the part of the voters from 50 years ago when the area was included as part of the Coastal Zone.

According to the Midway-Pacific Highway Community Plan, this area “was historically an area of tidal marshes and flats where the San Diego River branched at the mouth of Mission Valley to flow into both San Diego Bay and False Bay (now known as Mission Bay).”

Sounds pretty coastal to me. Please vote “no” on Measure C.


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Judi October 27, 2022 at 2:02 pm

Interesting. I have been talking to Linda Lukacs and she expressed the very same concern as Donna. For those of you still uncertain as to whom to vote for – just let me say that Lukacs and Frye’s thoughts are very, very similar. For get the political label – vote for the best person for the job. If you supported Donna – I still have stickers with her name on them around my house – I think you also will be very pleased with Lukacs.


Kathy Blavatt October 27, 2022 at 3:43 pm

Donna, I miss your common sense and getting to what the words say, not the PR and BS the insiders want the public to hear. Thanks for your wisdom once again.


retired botanist October 27, 2022 at 4:47 pm

Ditto Ms Blavatt,
And please, please DON’T forget the political label, and don’t vote for anyone associated w/ the Republican party. Its appalling that it may come down to a non-vote for some individuals, and I empathize with the unfortunate stigma that brings, b/c Jen Campbell is a tried epic fail, but kudos to those who will either vote for someone they believe in, or won’t vote. If you always vote for “the lesser of two evils”, you still get evil….


Geoff Page October 28, 2022 at 11:23 am

I wrote in “Lori Saldaña.”


nostalgic October 28, 2022 at 9:26 am

Is any responsible group collecting funds to send postcards to those voters that don’t live here? Save our Access got this back on the ballot, but I am not sure what other legal entities exist. They may have a current legal case against the proposed ballot measure, although I am not sure.


Paco Morales October 28, 2022 at 4:20 pm

Measure C is about greedy developers lining their pockets claiming they are building affordable housing. Campbell’s staff don’t return calls they act like republicans that only speak if you gave a lot of campaign money and don’t serve the community. This dense housing will just create more overcrowding and traffic and create a more disconnected community. C is no good unless you care about getting rich people richer


Ilka October 28, 2022 at 6:30 pm

I used to be on friendly terms with Suzanne Jen’s partner. I have heard of how Jen Campbell has yelled at people. Walked out on meetings. And if I’m friendly with people it doesn’t mean I’m gonna automatically agree with your politics. The harassment she did to me was she called me a dog abuser in front of Basaams After pride. My dogs were in the parade walking with Vivian Marano and David Alvarez. Two great leaders. Jen Campbell yelled out oh that lady is a dog abuser. Now if you know me I’m not. I am obsessed with all animals. And I take so tender care of all my rescues. They were in a wagon. They actually paid $100 Pedicab to get them you’re five blocks away to my car. I bring this up because they asked me who was that woman. I said believe it or not she is president of city council which she was at that time. They all laughed and said hopefully not anymore.

But I like Donna. And I agree I have sat down with Linda for two hours with my friend Dan Gallagher. She was honest and you could see in her eyes how genuine she is. She understands that being a civil servant and city Council means the people. And she strongly cares about enforcing the short term rental problem as well as the vendor problem in district 2. She is also not for the overturning of roe versus wade. And she supports science. She believes in forcing these things because a woman We all know Gretchen Newsom used to rent in Ocean Beach and although she supports Jen Campbell hands down she complained when her rental turned into a short term rental. She also attacked a very respectful candidate who believes that when people pay for solar they deserve the reward whereas labor wants to go ahead and even people who already had Solar give them only a token amount and I mean like a $50 credit. And then steal their energy. Linda spoke very positively about Solar and also wanting more definition on what’s happening at sports arena. I think we can all agree that Todd Gloria is the problem now. He’s a beautiful man a beautiful friend but a lousy mayor. He’s too concerned about tearing other Democrats down. So yes I support Linda and I can’t wait for Jen to be gone because she is hurting Our beautiful Democratic Party. The same for Todd Gloria. And Nathan Fletcher.

So anybody who wants to know Linda is the only one to vote for for district 2. She is amazing. And she will actually serve the people unlike Jen Campbell who serves her self.


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