A Recap of the OB Town Council Meeting, Wed., July 27

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Here is a recap of the OBTC Wednesday night meeting, July 27. From the OBTC

Public Comment

Dogs – The issue of more dogs being on the non dogs parts of the OB beach has been raised. The San Diego SPCA is supposed to enforce this. Linus from Jenn Campbell’s office has said they are working on getting SPCA to report their actual enforcement of this more accurately and they will be sorting alternative enforcement if it doesn’t improve.

Fireworks Alternative Mike James is organizing an effort to bring a variation of the fourth fireworks back to OB, but it would be a LIGHT SHOW instead of fireworks! This means lasers, lights, you name it… that isn’t fireworks! If you are interested in getting involved there is a meeting at Rincon Brewery on Newport on August 25th from 6-7pm. Let’s do this – link to event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1157389101479327

Fundraiser The Peninsula Alliance has a fundraiser happening on November 19th to raise funds for the Veterans Plaza project. More info at: obveteransplaza.org.

OB Community Leaders

OBMA / Denny Knox:

The streets are finally fully cleaned after Street Fair/Chili Cookoff!

Murals from Street Fair are also almost complete and will go up in new spots around town. They have started planning for Oktoberfest (get in touch with them to get involved/volunteer!), and they are beginning to plan their holiday ornament for this year.

OB Library / Rickey Meister:

Continues to have limited hours as follows: Weds-Thurs 9:30-6 | Monday-Tues 11:30-8pm

Public Safety

SDPD / Officer Surwilo:

No major incidents on July4! Getting ready for Labor Day. Vehicle Habitation laws are still not being enforced due to pending litigation with the city. The police are, however, enforcing laws they can like registration, parking etc around the issue. One night recently the 3rd watch did a sweep of some lots and issued 66 tickets for various violations.

Elected Officials

Congressman Scott Peters / Cairo Williams (Cairo.Williams@mail.house.gov): No report.

State Senator Toni Atkins / Cole Reed (Cole.Reed@sen.ca.gov): LINK TO REPORT: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1s4gVSvk1FMt4R_97JDOzW0kk7OpC_kkdssY4Duu-3O4/edit?usp=sharing

Assemblymember Chris Ward / Miki Holmes (Miki.Holmes@asm.ca.gov): LINK TO REPORT: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1y5CNMY8OUo34yUi4frrvWBhQo3BwzMu65u3LNyffZDA/edit?usp=sharing

Supervisor Lawson-Remer | Rebecca Smith (Rebecca.Smith2@sdcounty.ca.gov): LINK TO REPORT: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IHk03CXs7kexaZkt-wnfZSt6acqm-v6OyFnVnAR71Ek/edit?usp=sharing

Mayor Todd Gloria | Kohta Zaiser (ZaiserK@sandiego.gov): LINK TO REPORT: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ue3Al13eHBTfbYSd7WgQtXxHR6bLTkL5axa2FC9kc0s/edit?usp=sharing

City Councilmember Dr. Jen Campbell District 2 | Linus Smith (LCSmith@sandiego.gov): LINK TO REPORT: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1d2CJpBkICF-Je3hw8zJ8iyGPGsoJsgxdX6uLVU2WmaY/edit?usp=sharing

San Diego Commission of Arts and Culture | Tracy Dezenzo (tracy@obtowncouncil.org):

Check out “Locked Groove at Point Loma’s Plumosa Park! It is an interactive audiovisual experience – more info here: https://obrag.org/2022/06/locked-groove-in-point-lomas-plumosa-park/

OBTC Committee Updates

Committees have largely been formed, and notifications of acceptance are going out this week. This section and info for each committee will grow as the committees themselves become established, form their missions, and have more to report. For the time being please DO get in touch if you want to get involved. Even if you aren’t formally a committee member, you can still be closely involved as a volunteer! We need YOU: info@obtowncouncil.org.

Here are the committee chairs:

Executive & Operations: Corey Bruins | corey@obtowncouncil.org

Events: Stephanie Kane | stephanie.kane@obtowncouncil.org

Improvement: Tony Cohen | tony@obtowncouncil.org

Engagement: Anna Firicano | anna@obtowncouncil.org

Advocacy: Tracy Dezenzo | tracy@obtowncouncil.org

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